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Endoscopy abnormalities

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Hi I'm a 54 Yr old woman, I have had many symptons for last 2 years, I was referred after persistent with gp and gastro doc for and endoscopy. My symptons are, vomiting food & acid, regurgating of food as got stuck and didn't enter stomach, acid 24 hrs a day, wet burps all day, pain and difficulty swallowing, sore throat all time, chest pain, getting out of breath, all worse at night. So went for endoscopy on 7th May 2019, wS given this report and told hospital will be in touch, so a bit worried as don't understand what any of it means and wondered if anyone on here has experienced same. I have been on omprazole for 18 months with no relief. This is what the report has said,   The OgJ  and Scj are at 32cm. There is a schatzki ring & oesophagitis with ulcers at the Scj. The Diaphrgamatic pinch is at 42cm with a very large hiatus hernia. Free refux into the oesophagus. Any help working out what this means would be appreciated as very confused.    

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Well there is no mention of a tumour, adenoma or carcinoma. So that is great news.

i am guessing you know what a hiatus hernia is and this is, together with acid reflux are what are giving you symptoms.

The omeprazole is to limit the secretion of acid in the stomach, which is causing imflamation and ulceration.

These must be painful and be making your life a misery. With the results of the endoscopy hopefully they can treat the problem and suggest lifestyle changes to prevent recurrence.

Should they mention something called Barrett’s this is a term for chronic inflammation of the oesophagus due to acid and is usually monitored by the hospital.

I hope that this puts your mind at rest somewhat. Hopefully the doctors will explain the significance of all the measurements and medical abbreviations in the report.

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