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Ct scan

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I know I haven't been on here for a while but just thought I would share my dads good news to give you all a little positivity!!! 

As some of you know my dad had osphegeal cancer in 2017 and had chemo - surgery back then. 

MY Dad had a CT scan last week as he is scheduled to have a TAVI heart procedure in the near future and they wouldn't look at him unless they had a CT scan to make sure there is no cancer. 

The scan was clear - they said they seen a little fluid around his lung but nothing of concern and will rescan in 4 month. 

Take care and keep positive 


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 Hi Hope,

That is fantastic news. 

I have never posted on here but was thinking about making my first one. When my dad was diagnosed in October 2016 I used to trawl this site for positive stories.

My dad is on a trial and they scan along the way. Yesterday my dad had the results of a CT scan 2.5 years on and it was clear too. 

Hope you can have a great Easter break,


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Hi Josephine

what trials did your dad gave? My dad was diagnosed approx a year ago T3N2M0. He had chemo which didn’t work then chemo and radiotherapy combined, he finished that just before Christmas. We had the news today that although the radiotherapy was extremely successful on the two tumours dad had (one large node and a huge tumour in oesophagus -they are now completely gone!) Unfortunately there is now two further cancers in nodes and two small bits of cancer in one lung. Naturally we are deflated, especially as the cancer he was being treated for responded so well. They are now talking about palliative care, more management of the cancer rather than a cure. We are devastated. My dads 61, very fit and healthy and very strong, coped very well with all treatments. Any advice anyone could give, has anyone been in a similar boat? X

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Any info you could give regarding the trial would be freely appreciated. My dads just been told that he’ll be having palliative chemo despite having a wonderful response to chemo and radiation. Unfortunately there’s now some spread in nodes and one lung so they are now dealing with it as chemo to keep it at bay rather than cure. I’ve been trying to find info regarding clinical trials so would love to hear from you. Many thanks x 

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Hi Hayley,

So sorry for delay in replying. Firstly just want to say sorry you are in this position and understand the need to know the facts. I am a cancer researcher by job but not sure if that has been a good thing or bad thing along the way. I tend to avoid any talks about oesophageal cancer. 

My dad is on the Neo- AEGIS trial. Basically this is a trial that is comparing the best arms of two other trials- is chemotherapy before and after surgery OR chemotherapy and radiotherapy before surgery the best for survival. My dad was diagnosed T2/3 N0/M0 2.5 years ago and got randomised into the latter group. You had to be M0 to be on the trial and otherwise healthy. So far his scans are clear which is good but doesn’t stop the worry.

Are you aware of the trial page from Cancer Research UK? I have put the link below to the trials in oesophageal cancer. I have heard about herceptin trials. Have you spoken to the oncologist about this? Was your dad on a trial originally? I really hope you find a solution. If your name matches the year you were born then you’re roughly my age. I totally understand the feeling of time drifting while decisions are made.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing,

Josephine. X