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Gullet (oesophagus) cancer

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Recently diagnosed...but update, it’s terminal

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thanks to everyone who commented when I first posted a few weeks ago 

i was clinging to some kind of hope, but found out today it has spread

a shock, but somehow I’m calm.. what will be will be

im still fit and healthy..no problems eating, and no weight loss... no symptoms apart  from some heartburn and burping

but it’s spread already 

im more worried about the people I love who will be left behind to deal with all this

theyve given me 3 to 6 months without chemo, and don’t know how long if I have chemo

such a lot to take in 


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Hi Karen, so sorry to hear of your diagnosis not sure what to say really. Have you considered alternatives? I was watching a video earlier which was interesting, but I don't want censored so I can't mention it in my post. Good luck with whatever you decide, kind regards Frank.