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Food bag

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My Dad ,after the last  pet scan, has found out 3 months of chemo and suffering from no food n very little drink has not shrunk the tumour, and he is in such a bad way that he has been admitted to hospital to be rehydrated , magnesium, potassium, and had a foof bag fitted yesterday. He has a node found under the collar bone picked up by pet scan, but when they went to do an ultrasound for a .Biopsy, it didn't show so they couldn't do a biopsy which is worrying. So Dad in hospital for 6 days now with food bag, fitted yesterday afternoon, no treatment for 3 weeks as off chemo, tumourtgrown, and  not sure if he will have op yet as no more info re radiation. Has anyone else had experience with this and any advice greatly received?


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Hi Susie, I don't know what the original diagnosis was but never give up hope. I decided against the chemotherapy and radiotherapy prior to surgery, I had the surgery only. That was in October 2016 and I had lost about 5 stones prior to surgery. I'm enjoying life differently but still here. Good luck and kind regards Frank.