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Avoiding dumping

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I’m fine really  I am a survivor coming up to the five year anniversary of my Ivor Lewis. 

Five years ago I was fearful that I would not be able to enjoy my son’s wedding in June 2014. 

But here I am five years later celebrating my other son’s wedding in Australia  

I lead a very normal, comfortable life but I still get surprised by the odd case of dumping. This evening for instance, after a beautiful drive along the Great Ocean Road we had a meal in a Vietnamese restaurant. I had a beer before enjoying a couple of spring rolls followed by a ‘pho’.  Now for those of you who don’t know, a pho is a dish of nooodles in a thin soup or broth  

Now I know not to drink during or after a meal but for some reason that didn’t stop me fro forking the noodles down followed by the soup. To say I felt bad is a bit of an understatement. 15 minutes after finishing the meal I felt rotten and rather unusually had stomach ache too. My old nemesis Dumping had struck once more!

Half an hour later, back in my hotel room, it was all a nasty memory. Ready for coffee and desert (in that order). But surprise, surprise I got the shakes and realised I was getting Late Dumping too. Coffee and desert sorted that out and15 minutes later I’m writing this to say that I can usually avoid dumping by eating and drinking the right things in the right order and correctly spaced. But sometimes, even after 5 years, I get it wrong and suffer the consequences. 

So I will continue to enjoy food and drink - but not in that order and thus avoid Dumping. 

Counting the days, making every day count.


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Ah Brent, I feel your anguish. Lol it's the randomness that still surprises me too. Sometimes after having a meal, or at the start, I think " I will be ill if I eat all of this ". However I am surprised by not getting any dumping, and also relieved that I got away with it. I have also been able to eat a dessert more often when I am at home. I think it is because I can wait for an hour after a meal. Last week I got a sugar crash about 2-3 hours after having my usual breakfast cereal. Maybe it's just to keep us on our toes. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Kind regards Frank.