Gullet (oesophagus) cancer

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Is she going to die?

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Hi all,

My grandma was diagnosed with stage 3 Esophageal cancer (N0M0) over the Christmas period and has already indicated that she is not interested in surgery because she is worried she won't be able to eat, lie down or may risk losing her voice. We know that the cancer hasn't spread and suspect she will be offered chemo/radio treatment during her next consultation on Wednesday. She is a heavy smoker and has recently started to vape. 

She recently had a pacemaker installed, she's late 60s. Has a history with DVT and until recently, wasn't particularly active of health conscious.

As a family we have never been impacted by cancer before and we are all absolutely mortified. I find myself crying at the most unlikely of times and I have so many unanswered questions. 

I wondered if anybody had any experience with this strain of cancer and any knowledge on general prognosis/survival rates? We are praying for years and not months. Any advice would be hugely appreciated, I'm sure many relate to the darkness of those few weeks where you're waiting for news. 

Thank you x

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Hi so sorry to hear, it's  always heartbreaking when you get the dreaded cancer diagnosis. Has she been offered surgery as a means to a possible cure? I would imagine but don't know facts thatccutting it out would be her best chance. I'm sure someone will message soon with more knowledge. I totally understand her fear surgery but she needs to be fully aware of the consequences of not having it done. Good luck for the upcoming meeting and write down any questions x