Hi I just been told I have oesophagus cancer I don't know much about it I would like more information 

  • Hi and welcome to the community though sorry to see anyone join our club it is a great place to be. Don't have experience with this type of cancer myself but there are lots her who may share their experiences and to learn more you can look at the main site here



  • Hi, have you had any scans or have you been told what staging you have? Is it squamous cell carcinomas, or adenocarcinoma ( usually a tumour close to the stomach junction ? Don't worry yourself sick, you have to wait until you get a clear diagnosis and treatment plan. There are many people here who can help you with information once you have a full diagnosis. I was diagnosed as T3 N2 M0 so it had spread locally to lymph nodes, but not anywhere else. I'm now almost 2 years post surgery and doing pretty well. As hard as it is, try to remain positive. Kind regards Frank

  • Hi Frank thanks for the reply  keep in touch let u know my results