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Newly diagnosed Oesophagus cancer

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Running lady I am so sorry you have bad news about your mum. 

How is she in herself I hope she is not in any pain.

Tbh I don’t know how my mum is fighting this she weighs next to nothing she is on steroids now as she has no appetite at all. 

So I know exactly how you are feeling ,can’t get cancer out of my head it is in my thoughts all the time.

How long exactly have they given your mum(if you don’t want to say I won’t be offended) 

Thinking of you and everyone else fighting this horrible disease. 

Shine27 xxx

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I’m sorry to hear your Mum is also not doing too good.

I’m just thinking everyday is so precious.

Mum isn’t herself, I love her so much and it upsets me to see her not enjoying life.

Not enjoying food, sitting for long as her bones are all sticking out, her beautiful calligraphy writing is getting worse everyday as she shakes because of the weakness. 

She’s in no pain, just feels like she’s worthless after this news. 

Every week will be special now xxxx 

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Hi, Runninglady

, I know how you feel it is horrible to see our mums like this ,it breaks my heart not a day goes by without me ending up in floods of tears.

At least they are not in any pain, that is all we can be thankful for. 

Can’t imagine life without my mum. 

Hugs to you both shine27 xxx

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Shine27, and all you lovely people who have helped me through the last few months.

My lovely, caring, beautiful Mum passed away on Friday 1st June, after getting diagnosed on the 16th October 2017.

May Mum now Rest In Peace xxx

Mum was down to just 6 stone-at 5ft 8 she looked so frail.

Mum had so many ensure milkshakes she didn’t enjoy them, but loved Capri Sun pouches, porridge, and yoghurts.

Mum said she lived on love, and she got so much no wonder she never felt hungry xxx

Mum had 5 days of radiotherapy in November.

Had a stent fitted, but within weeks she could no longer keep even small amounts of food down.

Mum developed a bad cough, but the Drs said it was part of the symptoms to do with the cancer.

Mum enjoyed every second of life, and I’m so thankful my work allowed me to greatly reduce my hours to just one day a week so I could spend time caring for her.

My Dad is truly heartbroken, and my brother also.

Mum was my best friend, never let me down, we done everything together.

Mum went to the Dr last week because she was just feeling so sleepy.

The dr done blood tests, these results showed Mum needed iron.

So on Wednesday I took Mum to the local hospital for an infusion.

I mentioned Mums really bad cough, and they said they would do a chest x-ray.

This x ray showed infection in Mums lungs, so antibiotics were also given intravenously.

Mum had to go back Thursday for the 2nd dose of antibiotics, but Drs weren’t happy with mum’s blood pressure, so an ambulance was called to take her to the main hospital.

I went and met her when she arrived, Mums swallowing had become very difficult, mum kept saying could I go home?

Dad arrived and my brother.

By now it was late, the consultant came to say the x ray showed the lungs were filled with fluid, chest drains could be fitted and stronger drugs- but Mum said no, just to go home.

Drs said by now it was too late, but first thing it would be arranged.

My brother stayed with Mum all night, we arrived the next day to get Mum.

But no... they had her connected to oxygen that they then needed to wean her off.

The palliative care team visited and said an syringe driver was advised to keep mum out of pain.

So this was ordered.

An ambulance was booked, so Dad said he would leave to get home before the ambulance arrived.

Mum lay in the bed but talking, then she just took two breaths and stopped...

Rest in peace my beautiful Mum.


We got hold of a priest, and phoned my Dad to come back.

The nurse arrived to fit the syringe driver but it was too late.

Mum never got to come home xxx 

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I am so sorry to hear this and I can tell from your posts how much you will miss her and how much you loved her.

Take some peace that she is no longer in pain.

X x x x

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God bless you all, I'm glad your mum is at peace now and no longer suffering. Kind regards Frank

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Thank you frank x

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Thank you


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Dear Running lady 

So sorry for your loss. There will be lots of pain but also happy memories xxx

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Peter....if I could just butt in there....I was told "no surgery or chemo" for me right from the start....because of all my other medical conditions....

Dale x

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Kazzy B......I am in the exact same place as your dad (in gods waiting room).....i too had Palliative radiotherapy to try and delay things.....the support where i live is not i just rely on my family......people say to me  "live for today"  "do the things you want to do"...blah blah blah....what they don't realize is your energy levels are the same as a dead amoeba.......and the pain level can be quite bad some days.....I was told right from the start that there was no surgery or chemo.....because of other health issues.....It has always been a surprise to me how few patients use this forum....tends to  be family and to your dad....I am always about if chat is needed.....

Dale x

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Oh Dale - my heart aches for you. I am in my third round of trying to rid of this horrendous disease - starting chemo again and then my third surgery coming up as my metastasised into my bone but at least I have a small chance.

I am so sorry - I understand the pain and energy but not the lack of hope. All those irritating stay positives - ha they should try it - I’ve told my friends to stop saying platitudes!!

Thinking of you 

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oh bless you must be worn out giving it another go.....its so draining....

yes people with platitudes are a pain......they wanna be here now when I have just tried to eat a slice of toast and the pain is near on unbearable...

so thats toast on my "cant eat list"...thats a bugga because I love toast.....

I have found out who my friends are now.....some seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth....I can only put it down to they dont know what to say.....i tell them your usual self....

I do not know what my cancer is doing...because the oncologist doesn't want to see me anymore (no point he said) GP says....i have no need to know because even if it has  spread there is nothing to be done.....I cant help but feel something not quite right there.....

You must be so brave Blossom to undergo a 3rd round of trying to beat the bastard.....i hope your bravery is rewarded in the best possible way.....keep me posted.....I am going to eat some more ice cream now....

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I haven’t been in here as much lately and I have just seen your post. 

I am so so sorry to here about your mum, it is 13wks now since I lost my mum. 

I know how you must be feeling right now, but like my mum it doesn’t sound like your mum suffered at the end so take great comfort in that. 

It honestly does get easier, but I know you won’t think that right now as it has only been a few days but trust me it does,I am still upset and I still can’t believe my mum isn’t here but in the other hand I am glad she went the way she did. 

Massive hugs i am thinking about you at this sad time. 

Shine27 xxx

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I just want to say a big thank you to everyone on this group for helping me.

Since Mum passed away on the 1st June I miss her more everyday.

People say it will get easier over time, but the love and friendship we had was so very special.

To everyone of you going through treatment, or newly diagnosed cases I wish you Christmas Blessings and hope you know how loved you are.

God Bless

Eileen xxx