Newly diagnosed Oesophagus cancer

Good Afternoon,

I'm hoping you'll be able to help with my lovely Mum's newly diagnosed cancer.

Mum has had trouble swallowing for many years, but had it stretched a few time no problem and managed fine.

However this year the swallowing became worse and a burning feeling in her stomach, after a few mouthfuls of food Mum felt full up. 

Dr's prescribed gaviscon and said it was heartburn. We have been with the same Dr years so he knew us well, and we trusted him. 

A few weeks later symptoms didn't improve so the Dr arranged for Mum to see the gastro team at the hospital. 

Mum was advised to have double cream, and fattening foods to help keep the weight up.

Weeks later no improvement so Mum went back to the Dr, he started her on antibiotics as he thought a fungus could be causing the burning pain.

A follow up appointment came at the gastro hospital. 

Mum had lost weight so she started on ensure milkshakes to add calories.

Mum wrote all her symptoms down and explained about the full feeling. 

Mum continued drinking the milkshakes, but the weight loss continued.

Mum was now bringing up all her food, and feeling very weak.

We weren't able to get a face to face appointment with the Dr but a telephone call.

He arranged for Mum to be seen by the gastro team at the end of October.

Mid September Mum was so sick and very worried. 

We brought her into A&E as she looked terrible, and we were all worried.

They sent her home with more antibiotics and said an appointment with the gastro team was on the system.

That week I spoke to the gastro team secretary and explained Mums symptoms. 

She was asked to come in the next day.

A barium swallow was booked that week.

So the swallow showed a problem, and the next day an endoscopy was carried out.

A 6cm tumor was discovered in Mum's gullet. 

How did all these symptoms not ring alarm bells for the Dr's????

We seen the consultant Friday and he said surgery is not an option? 

Has anyone else had this happen?? 

Please help.


  • Hi Eileen,

    The procedure to have the stent fitted was not pleasant but has made such a difference to his eating. Prior to the procedure he could only take soup , yogurt or fortisips. Now he is eating everything except bread and chewy meat. He enjoys a chicken dinner and anything with mince or fish so at least we can eat out again. It is definitely worth having. I hope your mum is able to have it. Also the recovery was quick. He was in hospital overnight and then gradually became more confident and tried different foods. We are now approaching chemo number two out of four and having a good week. Last week was very difficult due to fatigue. He is coping well but I am struggling knowing that he cannot be cured and time is short. I would love to hear how others cope as although I am keeping busy and trying to be brave I am very emotional and can’t talk to professionals as I just get upset. This is such a terrible experience and I hope you are managing to deal with your situation. I have only just become involved in this chat line but find writing easier than talking so please reply if anyone has any advice, Good luck Eileen and keep busy and smiling.

  • Jelliott, 

    Thank you for sharing, as you can imagine we are still getting through the information given by the hospital. 

    We had a phone call today, Mum has an appointment next Wednesday to meet another consultant to discuss the next options.

    Poor Mum had a bad day, feeling so weak, and thinking she won't get better. 
    She is such a strong lady I've never heard her say things like this. 
    I just hope we can get treatment started soon.

    Mum's weight continues to drop. Xxx
  • I yHi,


    Sorry to hear about your mum,my mum is the same her oc is only in osophageos but is inoperable.

    My mum was diagnosed in April T3n1m0.

    Since then she has had a stent fitted no problems at all with this and can now eat anything so don’t read to much into all the negative comments as it has been a godsend for my mum as she couldn’t keep anything down. She had palliative radio but couldn’t have chemo due to poor kidney function, oh and she has a feeding tube which she has also had since around May.

    I can honestly say my mum is a different person now sadly she will never be cured but her quality of life now is so much better,I know at some point she this is all going to change but I am trying to stay positive for the time being.

    I hope they can help your mum to feel better soon as it is heartbreaking watching them grow weaker by the day


    Hugs to you and your mum shine27 xxxx

  • Hi Silverfox65,

    I am glad you are recovering post op, I think that I can resonate clearly with you. We are of similar age I am 50 I was diagnosed With an oesophageal cancer on the 22nd Sept from a problem swallowing and subsequent endoscopy. I have had all the tests, CT PET ultrasound endoscopy and have a 2cm tumour at last count and T3 N1 M0 staging. I have a laparoscopy in the next few days then chemotherapy with the surgery in Feb 18.

    You are now where I am going to be and really pleased that you are recovering well it's brilliant to read it. If you can enlighten me from the point of view of someone actually been through this awful thing on what lies ahead I would be grateful. I am over the shock now, just want rid of this thing and will do whatever is needed to live a long happy life. So laparoscopy, then oncologist and chemo is my next set of challenges.

    I hope we can talk as you and you're recovery are the inspiration I need. Even a grown man can be scared that I know all too well.

    Kind regards,



  • Hi Robby

    Nice to hear from you.

    Yes we are quite young to have this condition but my mind is we are fortunate to find out when something can be done to treat it.

    My operation was 5 weeks yesterday and i`m pleased to say getting stronger each day.

    I dont worry about things I cannot change , I put all my energy into how I can make things better.

    So, do as much exercise as possible pre and post op , it makes so much difference.

    I`ve almost completed a blog to share my journey and help others if possible... here`s the link for a sneak preview

    Feel free to ask me anything anytime, this condition is beatable

    Best Wishes

  • Hi Silverfox65,

    Thank you for your reply, what an excellent blog so well put together and I think pictorially it gives a more complete view of some of the words and phrases used which of course means its more relatable. You are doing so well and like you i have a wonderful wife and daughter, what more reason do you need to be positive. The initial shock has gone now and I am keen to commence the journey and with people like you in my corner I will beat this awful cancer.

    I have not lost any weight to date I am sure that will come, it is the unknown effects of the chemo that is a little daunting, the operation concerns me less if that makes sense at all. I will keep in touch with you and please do likewise. My local team in Warwickshire have been excellent and the care to date first class.

    Together we will beat this, my best wishes and kind regards to you and your supportive family.




  • No problem Robby.

    Thanks for the blog feedback :)

    Re Chemo, I`m not sure what combination you`ve been prescribed but recommend you take each day as it comes. I understand it can be daunting but everyone reacts in their own way and it`s needed to get us better

    Keep in touch and let me know anytime I can help

  • Thank you for this reply shine27

    Your very right about not reading too much about the negative effects.

    We have a meeting this Wednesday to discuss the next steps so I'll update you then.

    Just a question about your Mum's feeding tube- is that just to give her extra nutrition as well as eating normally? 

    Thank you

    Eileen x 

  • Hi Running Lady

    My husband lost a lot of weight prior and just after stent was fitted. However his first chemo session was two and a half weeks ago and although he hasn’t gained any weight he hasn’t lost any more. Also after a bad week post chemo he is now eating well and enjoying food again. His next chemo is Friday so I am expecting another bad week but if it only is a week and he continues to improve we can cope. The stent procedure was not pleasant but definitely worth it. Good luck and please keep in touch and send updates it is very helpful to me to hear others experiences. Good luck and many thoughts. 


  • Hi 

    I am waiting for the laparoscopy appointment it should be this week then seeing the oncologist. What I don't know yet is my defined treatment plan as soon as I know I will let you know. I am struggling to lose this constant burning pain in my chest it is becoming ever present now and is uncomfortable I think it may be the tumour growing and blocking the tube, I do have a hiatal hernia too I just want to get cracking with the treatment. My physical and respiratory tests were a pass so that was good news today.

    Will keep you in the loop. Hope your recovery keeps gaining momentum.

    Speak soon