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Gullet (oesophagus) cancer

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?? Reflux

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Morning all, my hubby had his Ivor Lewis 16 months ago he has had a couple of bouts of heartburn/reflux but nothing too bad but in bed last night he felt the burning then bought up some vomit straight away he's never had this before is it normal reflux or should I be panicking like I already am he had an omeprazole and it stopped, he his really well other wise is that what reflux is like I read an article on health unlocked and some one had the same i and it wasn't good am I just blowing things out of proportion ?????? Anybody else suffer with this xxxxxxxx

Wandering panda
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Hi, just a couple of thought's come to mind...

PPI''s need to be taken on a regular schedule...they act to prevent acid production. They are not 'relievers' so maybe Gaviscon would be better once reflux occurs.

Does your husband sleep with his upper body on an incline  (30 degree +) using a wedge support or frame. His new plumbing leaves him with an open topped 'conduit'. Without that top valve, he is like a vessel without a lid...

My husband has found that having a small bowl of fresh buttered popcorn about an hour  or 2 two before bed seems to keep him settled. I use 1 tbsp unpopped corn. 

He refused to take a PPI and only took an H2 inhibitor while in hospital and for a few weeks after he came home. He had the Ivor Lewis oesophago-gastrectomy 19th September 2016.

Glad to hear your husband is doing well otherwise.

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Please do not panic, I was actually speaking to my dad about this the other day. He had his operation April 2015. He said that all it takes is for him to lay on his side in bed by accident and he can get terrible heartburn. His upper GI nurse told him to keep a bottle of gaviscon by his bed for this purpose. A swig on that helps!

Dad also said it can be something as silly as eating too late, too much or just something that he is struggling to digest.

Take care


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Thanks Hannah that puts my mind at rest I think every time something new happens it causes a panic, hopefully that will diminish with time. Almost 2 years post op for your Dad bet that will be a celebration, tell him to keep up the good work and look after the rest of the family too. Loads of love xxxxx

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Hi Helen 

It's such a worry isn't it? You worry will they get the op, will chemo work ? Then post op and chemo and we all still worry- my dad has had a couple of 'incidents ' which might be the same? Possibly after eating a little too much/too late/ drink too near food... anyway it's like clear stringy stuff- the first episode on holiday last year was awful and lasted about 20 hours!!!couldnt even keep water down- gaviscon sorted it, and the second was weds evening- he sleeps inclined etc. Anyway I hope things have settled. I can't help but scan my dad every time I see him (2/3 times a week) has he lost weight- does he look well- what colour is his skin.... it's horrible isn't it- best wishes to you x