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Oesophageal Patients Association (OPA) - Wow!!

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Hello all - I have just discovered the OPA and have telephoned the support centre near my home....WOW!!!

I have spoken to the most positive, helpful person ever (apart from the lovely people on here of course).  She has given me some fantastic information and details of a local meeting for patients and carers to meet ex-patients.

I'm not sure if Dad will go along but I'm going to go and check it out. If I come back with positive news I am sure I can convince him to go to a future meeting. I think if he can see people living and coping after chemo/surgery it will give him the lift he needs.  I know it will do me the world of good.  I hope Mom can also meet someone who can give her some support.

We've also been given the contact details of a gentleman around Dad's age who is post-surgery who volunteers to support newly-diagnosed patients. 

This is so positive and I'm so glad I made the call.

I just wanted to share this and I'll let you know how I get on.

xxxx  Sarah xxxx

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And because of that I too am going to give them a call !! Thanks Sarah.

L xxxx

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I too have just made use of their helpline. Recieved some advice that really cheered me up. Their discussion board on the Health Unlocked website has recently been launched & is going very well too. Compliments this site nicely.
'Bad Year' is now a 'Good Year'

Hi Fred

I attended the OPA meeting in London today, met with Lary and Alan at a fantastic venue with guest speaker Stephanie Wakefield talking about nutrition.

Catch up with you soon,



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Hi Fred and Steve and all,

I made a phone call to OPA earlier this week.  Needed to put my wandering mind at rest about a couple of matters.  And that is what I got, plus a few added pointers.  A very kind and understanding voice at the 'other end' can do wonders.   Steve:  hoping people like Larry and Alan at today's OPA meeting got strong and positive feedback from the participants.  They do a wonderful job. 

Best wishes,



'Bad Year' is now a 'Good Year'

Hi Jill

I was nice to see so many people there ranging from 2-15 years, having some problems still for sure, but leading a good quality of life.

With destiny and good fortune at our side we shall overcome!