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Back to chemo

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My husband, D, has no new symptoms, eating well, weight pretty stable, no tiredness, still working. (He has inoperable OC due to liver mets). His scan results today however showed two new mets - one more on liver and now one in lung. Ironically the main oesophageal tumour is looking very stable!

The positive is that they still want to treat it, and so he will start Taxotere this time round. As he has no symptoms, they are giving him some time to get his head around it, and he will start in two weeks time. If anyone has any experiences of Taxotere, I would appreciate any thoughts. Actually any advice to help adjust to this is welcome xx 

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Hello Tina, I am sorry there are new mets showing , but it is good that treatment is on the cards.and that he is otherwise quite well. That said, I don't know any thing about Taxotere but I am sure there will be others here with experience to share.

This really is a blow I had hoped as he has been so well that it would be a lot longer before any progression.I am sending you both a huge hug as you get your heads round this next step. and will be thinking of you. Peter sends his best wishes for a good result with Taxotere

Take Care Mushty x 

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Thank you Mushty. Yes, it came as a huge shock as he has been feeling so well. He actually broke down in the consultant's office. We're feeling slightly better by now, and he is cooking dinner as we speak! All my best to Peter xx 

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Oh Tina, this is tough news, especially as D has been feeling so well. BUT the rest are stable which is got to be a good thing.

It's great that they have offered  D another chemo line - everything crossed that it will put the mets firmly in their place.

I admire both of you for continuing to keep some sort of normality in your lives. If I let Tony loose in the kitchen, we both would be in poor state!!! Cooking is not his forte.

Congrats on your Doctorate Tina - what an incredible achievement in the face of adversity.

Musty, I have read your latest blog to Tony ( he's feeling a bit low at the moment) - he loved it and it made him smile. Your are an inspirational lady.

Love & hugs to you both 


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Thank you Christina. I'm the one who is the danger in the kitchen in our relationship, so I think overall it's safer for him! My best to you and Tony - sorry he's feeling a little low xx