Ivor Lewis Surgery & Recovery

Update - August 2010 - its now16 months since surgery.  Tony is back to work full time.  He has lost over 4 stone and is still struggling to maintain his weight.  He STILL has a wound on his chest which is being dressed 2 x week by the district nurses - it has got lots smaller but is very frustrating.  Most days are good now but still suffering from dumping periodically - night sweats and shivering - like diabetic hypo??  dietician appointment made and he has recently had dialation to the gullet as scat tissue was restricitng food again.  I do worry about his weight loss and hope someone can give me some advice from here??  its a slow process via docs appts! We have just returned from a much needed weeks holiday which he coped with really well.  He gets tired easily but we are both still smiling :)  :)  he is a remarkable man x