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A place to discuss the ins and outs of chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc.

  • looking for experiences with chemo although I may have to try another site as Ed just diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. We have to wait to see oncologist then wait for chemo treatment. How long might this take? then wait , hopefully for improvement as Ed cant eat and struggles to sip drinks? I want someone to wave a wand but at least speed things up, why are there weekends. I used to love weekends now I dread them. leisha

  • (((((Leisha))))) I’m so sorry that you’ve had this terrible news that the cancer has spread, and you’re right, they give you this news at the weekend when there is nobody to speak to.  I don’t know much at all about pancreatic cancer but this link tells you about the chemo drugs. It seems that only one drug at a time is administered but I think you will be familiar with a couple if them from the stomach cancer treatment and I recognise two from my own treatment.


     You need to talk to your Macmillan nurse now as soon as possible.  Ed should have one from the last time he was treated, so do give her a call.  We're here for you Leisha, hang in there and surround yourself with your strong family and friends.

    Crystal xx

  • HI Leisha - Sherry here - I am so terribly sorry to read this.  I just responded on another of our links and happened to find this latest post of yours.  It certainly explains the not eating.  Like Crystal - I do not know anything about pancreatic cancer or the treatment.  But I do understand your feeling towards weekends.  It seemed whenever we hit a bump with Brian (high fever, extreme weakness) it would be on a Friday night...everytime!  I hope you can be in touch with one of the nurses to at least assure you and help provide comfort to Ed.  We are here for you Leisha - Love and a Big Hug, Sherry