First visit to hospice

Today I visited my local hospice for the first time as a terminal oesophagus cancer with secondary liver  patient to discuss my palative care, my head has been spinning since being told no treatment is available and my life expectancy is 6-12 months on the 19 th December 2019, the time fly's and I was counting the days that have never gone so fast and the closer I get to that first number 6 the more I was confused why I am not being given a chance to fight to live.

The hospice is more than I could have hoped for, the kindness and understanding is just what I needed as a person with no family and living alone - I am no longer alone I feel I have been taken into a family I am being included in groups doing things I will enjoy and being shown how to cope with my terminal diagnosis, I will be at the hospice 2 - 3 days per week one day doing tie chee ( bet that's spelt wrong ) another's learning mind relaxing/ control and other options for groups that will help me accept the inevitable..

I will sleep better tonight knowing I am no longer alone, support and understanding is there in person or on the end of a phone, I see life ahead not worry and stress.


  • Dear Chuddy

    I hope you are already sleeping, knowing you have the support, understanding and kindness of your local hospice is wonderful news, I have followed your journey on here and would like to send you my love, you will never be alone my friend XX

    The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention