my husband

My beautiful husband lost his battle with glioblastoma 4 on the 23rd August 2019

He was brave to the very last

We now have to learn to come to terms with the sadest loss to our family

My husband, father of 2 and grandfather to beautiful twin grand daughter's


  • Hi Dawnbelst I dont know what to say to your post as no words can ever be enough to make any of this any better for you.

    However, I hope it may help slightly to know that others are thinking of you and sending some hugs your way for now.

  • Hi Dawnbelst, so very sorry you husband lost his battle. I'm thinking of you and know how terribly difficult things must be. My Dad passed away from GBM 2 weeks ago, we have the funeral on Thursday. It was such a horrible 3.5 months from diagnosis to him passing and although we knew he would go it still does not feel real.

    Be kind to yourself and I hope you have a good support network. 

    Take care xxx

  • Thank you

    I wish there was more we could do to help everyone suffering from glioblastoma, it's such a cruel disease

  • I'm so very sorry, it's so sad, and all who suffer with this are so very brave.

    My husband was given 12 to 15 months, but we were lucky to have him with us for just over 3 and a half years.

    We did so much in that time, he was only 53 years old

    My son and daughter are fantastic support, and the twins are a super distraction.

    We all miss Jim very much, there is a sense of emptyness now in our lives, we have to learn to celebrate Jim's life as he lived it to the full.

    I hope you to have a good support network

    Thinking of youmy prayers are with you for next week


  • Dear Dawn. I was very sad to read your post - we have commented on each other's situations in the past. Sending you sympathies and strength. It sounds like you had some special times despite everything, and that you were able to give your husband love and support that will have meant the world to him. Xxx