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How do you appeal a deciaion not to prescribe a non approved drug

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Our context is one of terminal brain cancer after 22 months, post surgery, post combined radio/chemo, post chemo 6 sessions, post 3 further sessions of ineffective 3 drug treatment, currently only being given steroids and offered palliative support.

We have discovered a drug used in combination with the Keto diet to have enourmous potential and have been in contact with a professor in the USA whose trial results were published in May 2019.

Because it is a non approved drug and the oncologist is unfamiliar with it, we are being told it is not possible. We have made clear we dont accept this reasoning and wish to challenge and pursue a drug which is calLed DON (6-Diazo 5-Oxo L-NorLeucine)... a glutamine antagonist which stops caner cells ovtaing energy by breaking down glutamine.

Can anyone advise me of how to appeal or of sny advocacy group which mighg help?

Medically we are being told there is nothing more that can be done so there is literally nothing to loose and hypotheticalky everything to gain by trying the non toxic treatment.

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Hi Keith read my response on the BT group