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The shakes

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Hi, would like to know if anyone has the shakes regularly. My Dad is 3 months in from diagnosis and he shakes, particularly his arms and hands when he wakes up mostly. He also shakes all over which the Dr thinks could have been a side effect of Oramorph. I'm just wondering if it's likely to be the tumour causing it.

We've seen a bit of a decline over the past week. He's now in a hospital bed at my house and he grips on the cot sides, feels completely uneasy about being in the bed, took 7 weeks for him to agree to go in there. He's immobile now so he had to accept the bed.

He states into space often and his eyes wide. Other times he's lucid and settled. Scan booked for a couple of weeks, no further treatment since August. I feel that he is deteriorating but not sure if this will be slow over time or if things will move quicker. So many questions!!

Thanks x

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Hello Leer1975

Is your dad on dex steroids. This can cause shaking hands etc. Or it could be because where the tumour is. 

The staring with eyes wide could mean he is having seizures ?

Worth a chat with the CNS or his Oncologist? 

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Thanks Mad, yes he's on dex. CNS hasn't been able to work out why he has the shakes, we have been chopping and changing meds as a process of elimination too.

Had an awful night bless him, DN gave him a shot to help with secretions on chest, he was pointing up at the corners of the room and saying it was time to go. He's made it through and is now quite settled. Think the tumour is growing fast and causing hallucinations.