Mums Glioblastoma stage 4

After thinking Mum 80 year old Mum had the early onset of dementia, things got extremely worse where Mum struggled to remember her name and found it difficult to put a sentence together as she was unable to find the words. I took her to A&E getting her in by saying that I thought that she had had a stroke. An emergency CT scan showed that Mum had a brain tumour, the next days were appointments and medication, putting Mum on steroids allowed the swelling to reduce and allow her to speak again. 

one week later she was been taken to the theatre to remove the tumour, the surgeon rang me that night to say that the operation had gone really well. Mum was able to leave hospital a few days later and although she walked with a stick, I had my Mum back. We came home in the car and talked about all sorts, I felt as though I had won the lottery. Devastation hit a week later when the surgeon told us that the tumour was cancerous...people live through cancer though my Mum is a strong lady, our queen, undefeated...cancer or (Charley) as she likes to call it is not going to be the end of her. 

A few more days later I took Mum to Christies where they delivered the worst news, with treatment Mum has twelve months without it is 6 months, Mum has opted for the treatment. 

I'm so strong in front of my Mum but my world is crumbling around me and I feel so lost, my beautiful Mum, how can this happen...I don't want this to happen, I want my Mum!!

  • Hi there. How are you and how’s your Mum doing? Was she ok with the chemo this time? Hope you’re keeping well.

  • Hello, hope you and your dad are okay. Mum has taken her last chemo tonight. The first two days were really tough on her and she felt really emotional. She feels frustrated that she can’t do what she wants anymore as she is too weak. I’ve rang her nurse tonight and they are putting her on anti inflammatory & pain killers to ease the pain in her neck and shoulder. They say the pain is still from the radiotherapy and the position her neck was in. I just want her to get stronger and she has said that she just wants some good days. I give her little massages all the time and she sees a professional masseuse once a week. God i wish i had a magic wand…it breaks my heart so much. 

    I do hope your Dad copes well with the chemo, he will start it soon won’t he? 

    You take care, i’m sending lots of hugs and prayers  

  • I hope the painkillers will ease your Mum’s pain, poor thing. Good times are hard to come by when you’re a little frail and also worried about Covid and bugs. My Dad spent the day fishing with my son on Saturday which was amazing. He was only going for an hour to watch and Mum was surprised they got home so late. But he’s been off a little since then. His walking is a bit stumbly and he’s stuttering. We’re hoping he’s just tired. Chemo should start next week and his appointment is this Friday to talk about it. It’s on Zoom so that should be fun for my parents to sort out. I think I’ll be driving over there very early to set it up!!

    Hugs to you and your Mum.

  • Hello, 

    Hope your Dad is okay and is tolerating the chemo. I’m lay at the side of mum at the moment she is so weak. She is struggling to walk and is being sick. They have doubled her steroids but to be honest it’s not making a huge amount of difference. she is back at hospital on Wednesday but i honestly don’t know if she’s strong enough to start chemo again. 

    you and your dad are always in my prayers. x

  • Hi,

    Thank you and you’re both in my prayers too.  I’m sorry to hear that your Mum is  having such a tough time. It is heartbreaking to hear. I’ll be thinking of her on Wednesday. Am I right in thinking she has four more to go including this one? Dad finished his last Tuesday and was due to go to the optician for new glasses and hearing test, he’s been waiting since this started. But, he had terrible constipation with this chemo and just couldn’t get out of bed for two days. So there goes another month until the next appointment. 
    I’m sending you lots of love and hope your Mum starts to feel better soon xx

  • Hi, yes mum has another four, however, I had to ring 111 today well i rang Christie’s hotline first and they was going to admit mum. I told them that mum did not want to go to hospital. The emergency GP came out and she has a water infection and he thinks her lungs may be shutting down. We had to speak to mum about a DNR and they told me that i need to ask for a health care package. I feel in such a spin, things are becoming very real. I pray that the antibiotics they have given her will work. I love her so mum. 

    You and your dad take care and i’m really sorry he missed his appointment again. 

  • You really have a lot going on and a lot to sort out. So sorry that your Mum is suffering so much. Fingers crossed the antibiotics do the trick and things turn around for the better. Please message anytime xx

  • Thank you so much. xx

  • Hello,

    How are you? How is your Mum? 

  • Hello, 

    I feel like i can’t breath at the moment. My beautiful Mum has passed away. I never left her side and if i can give you any words of comfort it is that my Mum looked so peaceful once she fallen asleep and she was rid of that disgusting horrible disease. 

    You take care and enjoy the precious time that you have with you dad. 

    Movita xx