Gall bladder cancer

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My partner suffers from abdominal pains and while checking for ibs was sent to have his abdomin checked by ultra sound. It returned nothing on his other organs but a number of polyps on his gall bladder. The doctor did not reveal the exact number or size of the polyps but said while it was not common he was not concerned. He asked if my partner wanted to be referred to have them looked at further (leading me to believe the doctor really does not think they were an issue as he didn’t automatically refer to a consultant or press my partner to have them seen to). My partner said he would like to see someone to see if they can shed further light on his pain and because it will play on his mind if he does not have them checked. 

He had a wealth of other tests while this was going on bloods and faeces etc and everything was clear.

He is 33 years old, healthy with no other history. My question is did anyone else have a diagnosis of gallbladder cancer begin with multiple polyps? He had no stones just polyps. Thank you x 

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Hi, not sure if this information is much use I am only letting you know as you mentioned polyps and gall bladder cancer and my mum in her life had both.  

Hope you and your husband are okay today also.

My mum had polyps in her late forties, (however I stress, not on her gallbladder), because of the rare location site, she went for an annual camera check which later went to a three year check up.  The location of her polyps was concerning at that time but they were diagnosed as being benign when removed.

My mum started getting really bad abdomen pain in her mid 60's.  When attending A&E one junior doctor picked up that my mums bloods were also showing an infection and this wouldn't have been caused by gall stones alone. 

She was diagnosed with gall bladder cancer when she was 67 years old. She did have gall stones but when they removed the gall bladder they found a tumor inside.

My mum sometimes did not want to mention the polyps in her oncology and surgical appointments as she was normally keen to get in and out as quickly as possible.  But I always did ask if they were related.  The consultants normally said that the polyps were not related to the gall bladder cancer. It is good that your husband will be getting checked out, definitely best to keep an eye.

Hope this some help x

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Hi Gamina,

Please, tell your husband he is right to have them checked. My sister has a history of polyps (dating back for years), and was diagnosed with stage 4 gallbladder cancer this year. She consulted multiple times with various symptoms but the gallbladder was overlooked. Looking back we both believe that it started with the first symptoms (pain, to the extent she was hospitalised for a week and given morphine) around 15 years ago, and has recurred periodically since but never diagnosed. She was 42 years old at diagnosis.

Definitely don't ignore it or be fobbed off until it's certain there's nothing more sinister, and even then it would be worth keeping a watchful eye on it. This can be done privately if the NHS can't follow up, and costs less than you think for an ultrasound. Sadly it was too late for us.