About as clear as mud on Covid 19

Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that there would be an announcement on Friday about certain groups needing to go into isolation for 12 weeks.

Well guess what?

There wasn’t one.

So, what do I do carry on working?

If I get the virus and end up in hospital will someone say why didn’t you stay at home!

There is just info about social distancing on the Gov page.


  • Fabulous reading top person  highlander gave me a lot of information back  last  March when  I found this site as well  as a few more care in people  all going well so far for myself so people onwards and upwards take care all the best everyone carl/clecker 

  •  So good you posted twice ;-)

    I agree with you Mike (Highlander) was a great help to me when I started this journey and contiues to be helpful and interesting

    Cecren, your hospital sounds remarkably like mine, as I would expect most hospitals are doing the same as to the nurses and staff working in them I have every confidence in my hospital, team and all who work there to keep me as safe as possible whilst I have my appointments and treatment obviously there's always a chance of infection but consider the risk tiny, I stay at home, other than appointments and treatment.

    Maybe I'm lucky I have a large garden and am always keeping busy so absolutley no problem with my mental health,in fact been having problems with my pond of late so thats taking up most of my time!!

    Yes I miss my children and grand kids but lucky to live in an age where Skype, Whatsapp, and Zoom are a good subsitute, in fact I had a great birthday party yesterday using Zoom

    Stay Safe

  • Lol a and , you have the big burly Highlander all red faced and embarrassed now.

    I think the beauty of the Community is all down to what everyone brings to the table, we may not agree all the time but we are all having to navigate the same cancer mountains, glens and loch's together (could not resits that).

    The support we get from people who are going though or have been through treatment is a great addition to the amazing support we get from our battle weary NHS. It's like an invisible stand of supporters cheering on their team and giving virtual ((hugs))

    You may not realise this, but we have about 20 dedicated Champs beavering away in the background helping to keep the site safe, ticking over and be the supportive place it is........ and this year the Champs team won The Macmillan National Vicky Clement-Jones Award...... for using our personal cancer experiences to help others.

    We are always on the look out for OTHERS to join our Champs team or any of the other volunteer opportunities we have throughout Macmillan.

    Cold day up North but a little dram is on the cards I think ((hugs)) all round.

  • Its good to read that hospital experiences have been positive and I hope it stays that way, however when you read the odd post on other sites then you realise its not a good experience for everyone. Today I read a post on the LA facebook page that would shock us all and highlighted how some hospitals and their protocols are still in the dark ages despite the pandemic.

    I am still waiting for a face to face with Ent on a 2 week ruling back in early April but the consultant deemed the risk of going in to hospital higher than playing a waiting game, which I agreed was the right call and still is. I have often said its all about assessing the risk and how you either mitigate or manage it and each of us will have our own unique view on what is right for each of us. A bit like our cancer diagnosis because at the end of the day we are all a stat of 1 of 1.

    stay as safe as you can, but we will all have to learn to live with this for some time I fear unless it does die out like previous types of sars have, lets hope so


  • Hi Highlander,

    Many congratulations to you & your Champs!


  • Just to put down what is going on in England from the Lymphoma Action Site 

    On 22 June, the government set out a 'roadmap' of how they intend to relax the restrictions for people who are shielding over the coming months. If you are on the shielded patient list, you should receive a letter informing you of the planned changes to the shielding guidance. This guidance applies to England only. It will be reviewed regularly based on the latest clinical evidence and it could change.

    At present, the government intends to relax shielding guidance in stages as follows.

    From 6 July:

    • If you would like to, you will be able to meet people from different households outdoors in groups of no more than six. You should still stay at least 2 metres away from people who are not members of your own household.
    • You will no longer need to observe social distancing with other members of your own household.
    • If you are the only adult in your household, you will be able to form a 'support bubble' with one other household. People in a support bubble will be allowed to meet in each other's houses and do not have to stay 2 metres apart.

    From 1 August:

    • You will no longer be advised to shield. If you would like to, you can go out to more places and see more people. However, you should still follow strict social distancing measures:
      • Stay at home where possible.
      • Minimise contact with people who are not in your household or support bubble.
      • Stay at least 2 metres away from other people whenever you are out.
    • If you cannot work from home, you will be able to go to work as long as your place of work is COVID-safe.
    • You will be able to go outside to buy food, to places of worship and for exercise.
    • Children who have been shielding will be able to go back to school if they are eligible to.
    • Food and medicine boxes provided by the government will stop. You will still be able to access priority supermarket delivery slots. The NHS Volunteers Scheme and other local volunteer schemes will continue.
    • You will stay on the list of shielded patients so you can be contacted if the advice changes.

      The government will continue to monitor levels of coronavirus over the coming months. If it spreads too much, you might be advised to shield again.

    • Thanks Mike, freedom beckons.

      Best Wishes


    • I Would Talk to you’re oncologist fast see if he says you should be in work I just got my 2 letter I was already home I’ll but I keep getting infections virus my body seems to be gettingFlag blackood at making them but my white cells doing ok so it’s just eat as well as I can search for some energy .Keep safe all I’m planning to fight my way through this virus , but am shocked byFlag blackehaviour of many who know better than to in Wales have people in out all the time keep safe stay 2 meters away more if you can , I’m not risking my life for stupid people I be honest I’mFlag blackorry Dr Nurses ect have to treat heartless selfish people .Flag black

    • Well it's getting really confusing in England at least, now we have local lock downs at Leicester which is only 40 miles away from me

      How do the government expect this to work when they can travel a few miles less that 10 to the pubs and resturants taht are opening on Saturday, and if the public are not supported many will have no choice but got to work

      This virus is still active and although deaths have slowed (well platued if you ask me) 43000 plus deaths so far acording to the governments figure but we all know it's so many more

      Had my stay at home letter guess what I did'nt need that letter I am not going anywhere and it's looking like being that way for all this year, well I do venture out at 5am to walk the dogs for an hour but only across the fields I suppose I'm lucky living in a village to be able to do that

      The Cummings venture north and his visit to hospital and his drive to Barnard Castle to "test his eyes" and even sit in the sun after a stroll along a senic river footpath  on his wifes birthday gave plenty the excuse they needed to ignore the rules.

      Really hope people remember what a mess Boris and Co have made of all this come the next election, had the lockdown been started just one week earlier many many lives would have been save, ok hignsight is a wonderful think but they had plenty of warnings looking at the countries who where well ahead of us

      Rant over :-)

      Good luck everyone stay safe

    • Well you must leave a contact address when you visit a pub or restaurant.

      So, if anyone from the lockdown area decides to visit a pub they can be traced.

      I will not be visiting either till there is a vaccine in my system.

    • Do you really think that those who go out of lockdown area to a pub or restaurant will give their correct contact details

      Afraid I don't have that much faith in some going on the way lots of the public have been behaving during this epidemic

      Like you I will not be venturing anywhere near those establishments for the foreseeable 

      Good luck

    • Sorry I was wrong, everyone in Leicester is lucky because the pubs are still closed.

      They have shut 3 already in the rest of the country because of covid.

      Glad I do not drink.

    • I'm a bit confused.  My latest blood results show that my neutrophils are finally scraping into normal range, but my lymphocytes are still really low. 

      I know this means I'm at increased risk of infections in general, but I read from a few studies based on Chinese cases that low lymphocytes are a possible predictor of more serious cases of Covid 19.    While the reduction in lymphocytes is usually due to the infection itself, I'm guessing that starting off with pre-infection low lymphocytes levels anyway could be a Bad Idea, if I were unlucky enough to be infected with the virus. 

      I feel I've cost the health service plenty over the last 18 months so I shall be careful, but here in Scotland the Shielding arrangements taper off smartly at the end of this month.  I've had a nice coloured chart sent by the NHS suggesting when I can do various things again.  This is all very clear & helpful for Shielding in general.  But might someone with very reduced lymphocytes be at more risk of serious effects, even if we're no more likely to catch it in the first place?


    • Hi , the only people who can say if you are more or less open to COVID is your team.

      After talking with my Heamatology Nurse Consultant there is no real evidence available that is conclusive but like other viruses, it best not to catch any...... just as I am in great danger from Mumps, Measles and Rubella as I now don't have immunity to these bad boys.

      The chances of catching it has greatly reduced and we just have to take as much care as we can.

      I got my letter today also and it was very detailed with the commitment to keep reviewing as things develop.

    • That weird looking reference code is probably ICD11 or similar.  International Classification of Diseases, version 11.   

      It's a thing of beauty, IMO.  I've been a fan since the early 80s, when I was into health care IT systems.  There are others, but this is my favourite!


    • You're right, Mike. 

      I'm planning to just take care and avoid infection if I can.  It's just commonsense, after all.  I just wondered about the course of the disease and have no desire to find out the hard way!

      I've been reading and thinking because although I have no desire to go away on holiday, my friends and family seem determined to come and visit me.   It's the penalty we pay for living in beautiful Scotland!  So I started reading the latest research I can access online to try and form some kind of idea about whether to agree to house guests.  It's not easy to turn away loved ones.

      In the meantime, I'm digging out an old pond.  Lovely mud!