Follicular lymphoma

Follicular lymphoma is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). If you're suffering from follicular lymphoma, or know someone who is, join this support group.


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Hi all

i am almost certain that my biopsy will confirm relapse of my NHL Follicular Lymphoma Indolent. 2011 I was diagnosed and had both tonsils and lump in neck removed all cancerous. Been on watch and wait since then. 2 months ago found lump in parotid gland at side of face next to ear. Scan showed two lumps. Before I was diagnosed before I suffered for a very very long time with “bone weary” fatigue, itching and cough. My fatigue had slowly been getting much worse of late and I just put it down to having NHL. I realise now that it has been getting worse probably because I have a relapse. Two things I would like to ask: does anyone else suffer with constant fatigue and it gets worse on relapse and what treatment is usually given with a relapse. 

Cheers everyone. 

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Hi again , good to see you have found your way over to this corner of the Community.

Just to put in what I said in your New to Community post. I was on W&W for a long time, yes I was getting skin treatments as I had a skin Lymphoma but apart from that no fatigue, night sweets - nothing. But that was no indication that my condition was actually getting worse over the years as it was...... but FL is different so let’s look for the FL folks to pick up on your post.

Depending on what the biopsy says there are a number of routes that this can go on but again I will leave this for the FL folks to give you their first hand experiences.


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Hi, sorry to read your worries about relapse are they going to scan you to check what may be going on? or just waiting for the biopsy results? If you have relapsed and you did not have any treatment first time round then that may bode well this time as the are more options now compared to 2011 and various trials looking at different combinations.

To second guess the treatment is hard but to give you an idea, it may be they look at a non chemo route and may try rituximab or a combination, radiotherapy may be an option or one of the chemo combinations. A lot may depend on how you are and how much longer they may want to keep you on watch and wait.

As for fatigue it is a B symptom, when I had it with DLBC some days were worse than others but that general feeling of tiredness never left.


we all know this is a roller coaster ride, where we ride blind, never knowing where the highs and lows are
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Hi John

Many thanks for your response.  It's good to know there are more options than just chemo or radiotherapy to look at. 

Ultrasound and biopsy this Wednesday.  I will keep all updated with my progress. 

Regards Ann