Follicular lymphoma

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Confusion on multiple opinions

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Hi everyone 

My wife was diagnosed with fnhl low grade six years ago and has been on a wait and watch policy. We are from India and we have been in touch with the team at Stanford regularly on her progress.. we just had a child five months ago and all of a sudden my wife developed pain abdomen and distension for which an ultrasound revealed ascites and increased size of the lymph nodes of the splenic hilum and peripancreatic areas. The Stanford team has advised for a pet CT and a biopsy of the lymph nodes on an urgent basis.. we have been consulting a doctor in India who adviced us to not jump to conclusions and wait. 

I am really confused on how to go about things 

If there is anyone who could advice us or who has had similar experiences.. please let me know. 

Ever grateful

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Hello Maxshetty.

So sorry to hear about your wife's illness.  It must be very difficult for her, especially with a new baby and far from home and it is hard to know what to do.  It sounds like you and your wife need some good information to help choose the next step.  It sounds as if she is very uncomfortable and will need to make some decisions now.

I'm just another patient here, but  I have tried and tested the advice on the 'Ask an Expert' tab on this Macmillan site.  They have specialist nurses available and they really do know their stuff.  They have helped me with my concerns since I was first diagnosed.  I would recommend calling or emailing them for up to date advice.  Here's a link:

I hope you find the information you both need and your wife can find the medical help she needs.

Best wishes,


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Me in your position would be pushing for the CT and biopsy as a starting point and getting a few reviews of the results.

Mike - Thehighlander

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Thanks so much Thehighlander.. we r going ahead with the pet CT and biopsy.. will get back with the results

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Dear Masshetty,

In your position, I would make the same choice myself.

Best to know where it is (PET) and what it is (biopsy) since they would know the best treatment from the two results.



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