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Follicular lymphoma

Follicular lymphoma is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). If you're suffering from follicular lymphoma, or know someone who is, join this support group.

CT scan?

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Hi Peter, You're doing great despite the pins and needles!  I like the idea of splitting things up a bit.  I had a busy morning, and then laid down a bit this afternoon. Oh well, if that is what is going to like that is ok.   Hang in there!


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The drinking thing is interesting.  Apparently, if you've got a concentration of lymphoma cells, they can break down quite quickly and deliver a lot of unhelpful cell breakdown products into your bloodstream.  Drinking as much as they say you should helps you excrete this stuff promptly nd stops it clogging up your nice pink kidneys.  This has to be good, says she, pouring yet another large glass...

I saw a friend once when she was suffering from tumour lysis syndrome.  She didn't know what was happning and neither did I.  She  felt really grim, like bad flu, and took to her bed, completely bewildered and aching.  It cleared up, but I now heed the patient advice.

It isn't just B-R that does this rapid cell breakdown thing.  The cytotoxic mixes all break down disease cells.  But then my cheerful husband told me about bendamustine being derived from mustard gas, just like cyclophosphamide.  The clue's in the name, of course, but I hadn't twigged because all these drug names are strange to me.   Wow, chemical warfare in my bloodstream right now!  I had one dose this afternoon and I'm having the second tomorrow.  Powerful stuff, medicine.

Iechyd da!


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Hello Cecren,

Yes these drugs are all derivatives, the catch all phrase from my doctor is smart bleach, but the latest ones are changing, as far as I can understand it. Eventually your cycles of drugs will be based on your composition, so it'll be specific to each patient.

For more information on cyclophosphamide



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