Follicular lymphoma

Follicular lymphoma is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). If you're suffering from follicular lymphoma, or know someone who is, join this support group.

Starting Treatment 27th December

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Sorry to hear about your brothers diagnosis. Fingers crossed they have caught it soon enough for him to make a full recovery.

All is good here - dentist next Monday so might not be so happy then - lol.

Back at school with a new bunch of ‘monsters’ and potential germs ...........

Though they do make me smile. One day last week one of them had covered his arms in green felt tip pen. I asked him to come and join me on the carpet.........

Me - why do you think I have asked you to come to me? 

Student - because I love tigers ..........

Yes, that bore absolutely no relevance to anything going on in the classroom or why he was now covered in felt tip pen - lol ........

Onwards and upwards to you all.


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Hope your brother gets sorted  fingers crossed for him  waiting game for myself  so taken  myself and my wife to corfu  on the 20th for  a week  take  my mind off scan and  results  on 8th October  bulous  bunch  on here  helped  me so much  thanks again everyone onwards and upwards

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Because I love tigers????  One of the better responses when you're in trouble.  Must remember that for sticky moments...

Good luck with the dentists, Nicky.


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Well the dentists didn’t go terribly well as they need to remove another 2 teeth. Not terribly unexpected as they originally said 7 and this will only make 6 ..........!!! The chemo has certainly had some ‘fun’ in my jaw bone. 

I keep telling myself that it could be SO much worse and if it means getting the magic remission word then I don’t have a choice.

School continues to be busy and is keeping me out of mischief. I still get very tired very quickly but that could just be old age now and working with 5 year olds - lol ......

This weeks story.

Bell rang and all children except 1 line up.

Principal heard me questioning him so had words too.

P - Why didn’t you line up?

Child - I didn’t hear the bell.

Me - Who rang the bell.

Child - I did ..............

Have a great weekend.


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Hi Nicky, whilst fatigue is an ongoing issue for many, me included, its worth getting your vitamin D levels checked as low levels are associated with lymphoma and I found the supplement has improved things massively. 


we all know this is a roller coaster ride, where we ride blind, never knowing where the highs and lows are
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Hi Nicky!

Sorry to hear the latest dental update.   You're had to put up with a fair bit to get to the magic remission.  It's about the rest of our lives and we want it to last. I hope this now ends the dental problems you've had!

Sure, follicular lymphoma is currently expected to recur/relapse with many of us treated patients, but given that we already know the extent of treatment options, we can be optimistic.  I know it's a fast developing field of research too and new treatments may offer a future range of new choices.  I also concur with John about taking a bit of vitamin D - the evidence doesn't seem to say why it works, but certainly supports the argument that we do better on it.  My GP had me on it anyway, having misdiagnosed my bone lesion as osteoporosis several years ago.

Despite my age, I feel my energy isn't bad.  But your job is a stressful one because kids that age never let up!  But I love the stories...  do please share more!!


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Sorry to here the dentist did'nt go well 

It's amazing how you are coping with work and all thats going on with your dentists, treatment and your busy work life, no wonder you are suffering fatigue !!

I really do admire your resolve hopefully you will soon see the light at the end of the tunel 

Anyone struggling with their treatment could draw strength from the way you are handling the set backs, wish you all the luck in the world 

I feel so Iucky with the way my treatment is going / gone 

Together we are stronger