Antdepressants during R-CHOP treatment


My mum is very frightened of the Stage4 Lymphoma she is diagnosed with last week.

She is prescribed antidepressants Xanax and Cipralex which when used lifts her mood up.

What was your experience with antidepressants during Lymphoma treatment?



  • Hi again, the word cancer can indeed bring a lot of mind battles, let alone physical ones.

    In Lymphoma there is no real difference between Stage 1 and’s nothing like solid tumour cancers - the stage number just gives her team the info to put the treatment plan together.

    I was diagnosed in 1999 with a rare T-Cell Lymphoma and I am still around and doing great. 

    Back in 1999 I was told my condition was treatable but I would never see remission let alone a cure and at one point in time (no clock on this) it would get me...... did this stop me from living and enjoying life - no.

    Fast forward to September 2016 I was told I was in remission and NED (No Evident Disease)...... there is no need to fear this...... actually fear will just make her treatment journey harder...... you all need to understand that you need to take control of the battle between your ears and leave the medical stuff to her team.

    So it’s a big no from me with regards to antidepressants. Did not want them and did not need them....... this is not a death sentence...... this is treatable and the steroids alone will give her a boost.

    ((hugs)) all round.

    Mike - Thehighlander

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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