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My mum (64) has been diasnoged with Stage-4 FL after years of Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment and will start R-CHOP (every 3 weeks) on Monday.

Her daily routine had long walks 5-6km. She is wondering if she will feel well enough for such daily walks during the treatment.

Will appreciate feedback from personal experiences please.



  • Having gone through R-CHOP and now moved onto maintenance treatment I can say exercise and drinking plenty of water really helped me on the journey

    I was lucky really I did suffer with side effects, fatigue, sore mouth, and losing my toe nails as well as my hair but was able to exercise most days and am now back to regular daily walks of 5 miles plus with my dogs 

    When having the treatment the walks were not as far but regular around 3 miles and as I said I found them great for my peace of mind nothing beats a country walk to clear the mind

    I followed the advice given by my team and can honestly say drinking plenty and exercising were a big part on my remission long may it last, I'm no spring chicken either 68 years old 

    Good luck to your mum and tell her to follow the advice of her team exercise when she can but don't overdue it and drink drink drink

    Good luck to your mum hope things go as well for her as they did for me

    Together we are stronger
  • Good morning , some great advice from BedrockFred.

    Although I have another type of NHL and had a slightly different treatment journey his advice is spot on. R-CHOP is a very effective and widely used treatment.

    Some folks will experience Nausea but her team have many meds to deal with this, she must not suffer in silence but tell her team as they are not mind readers.

    Fatigue will develop over time but keeping active is one of the bests ways to overcome this.

    Avoiding Infections especially at this time of year can be a challenge. She will be more open to infections during the days after her treatments as her immune system will be recovering so ensure that family and friends who have infectious bugs keep away, good hygiene is very important for everyone coming in contact with her.

    Regardless of her grade (this just tells her team what treatment to use and for how long and it’s nothing like the grades used in solid tumour cancers)....... R-CHOP is used to break down the growth areas - it’s basically like unblocking her blood stream and Lymphatic system.

    She does need to drink lots of water during and after her treatment to flush out the toxins and protect her kidneys.

    You got some good information from our ‘Ask a Nurse’ Keith.

    We are around to help out.

    This is all do-able and on the whole very effective.

    Mike - Thehighlander

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • Many thanks @BedrockFred , @Thehighlander.

    I really appreciate the support at these difficult times.