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Funny moments

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yesterday, I went to a cancer workshop organised by my GP’s surgery. I’m still sporting an attractive bit of gauze, taped over my eye, since it was removed. I was given a warm greeting by a friendly volunteer, who proceeded to ask me jovially ‘so what did you do to your eye, then?’

Well, i thought it was funny, anyway!!

Anyone else got any funny cancer stories?


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I wore a black eye patch for some months - I bought them through Amazon.  Amazon suggested I might be interested in a “Pirate’s Inflatable Cutlass”!  The eyepatch brought great kudos from kids!  X


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 I had my eye removed and had a temp fitted until my  prosthetic eye was made . I was discussing this with my 6 year old grandson who asked me where I keep my spare so I told him in my pocket he then asked why? so I just said to keep an eye on my change, his look was priceless!!

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I LOVE both of these stories! Thank you for sharing. Xxx Laughter might not be the best medicine for cancer, medically speaking, but it sure beats crying about it. 

Cancer is pretty crappy, but there are a lot of funny moments.

Anyway. Here my next funny moment.

I have seen questionnaires for patients, trying to evaluate quality of life after eye cancer surgery or treatment. They tend to focus on vision, like driving at night, pouring drinks without spilling them, bumping into people in the supermarket.

WELL. I ordered a Chinese takeaway the other evening. Kung Po Prawns, with tiny birds eye chillis hidden in the sauce. Usually, it’s a simple matter to see them and remove them.

OMG! No-one ever told me of the dangers of eating this dish shortly after enucleation. I couldn’t see them properly,  a few slipped down my throat, I was on fire, and steam came out of my ears. 

I suppose I should just be grateful that my temporary eye didn’t pop out into my dinner as well! Xxx