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Funny moments

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yesterday, I went to a cancer workshop organised by my GP’s surgery. I’m still sporting an attractive bit of gauze, taped over my eye, since it was removed. I was given a warm greeting by a friendly volunteer, who proceeded to ask me jovially ‘so what did you do to your eye, then?’

Well, i thought it was funny, anyway!!

Anyone else got any funny cancer stories?


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I wore a black eye patch for some months - I bought them through Amazon.  Amazon suggested I might be interested in a “Pirate’s Inflatable Cutlass”!  The eyepatch brought great kudos from kids!  X

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 I had my eye removed and had a temp fitted until my  prosthetic eye was made . I was discussing this with my 6 year old grandson who asked me where I keep my spare so I told him in my pocket he then asked why? so I just said to keep an eye on my change, his look was priceless!!