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Chronic myeloid leukaemia

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Stem cell transplant for cml

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hi I am wondering if anyone can share any experience they have had with cml stem cell transplants

my boyfriend is 33 and was diagnosed with cml last July 2018 he has had all 3 tki tablets and has become resistant to all of them and is having a stem cell transplant next month

i have spoken with consultants and nurses at the hospital but was wondering if anyone has gone through the same or has had a family member or knows anyone who has gone through this?

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Hi  and welcome to the Online Community, although I am sorry to see you finding us and so sorry to hear that your boyfriend has CML and is having to go through Stem Cell Transplant (SCT)

I am Mike . I did not have CML but a rare type of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma - I have been through two SCTs with Stem Cells from my brother and I am in remission so be encouraged.

I help out in our dedicated Stem Cell Transplant Forum. This would be the best place to meet up with a lot of folks from all types of blood cancer who have been through the process.

SCT can be hard work but all very do-able. The folks on the SCT forum have walk the walk so can talk the talk 

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I will keep an eye open for you ((hugs))

Mike - Thehighlander

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