Imatinib and it’s effects on pre existing cardiorespiritary problems

Hello to All

i was diagnosed with CML around 5 months ago.  I’m still having problems with some of the side effects associated with Imatininib, hoping they will lessen with time!  My main concern at the moment is that I’ve had a huge drop in exercise capacity and increased breathlessness.  I now have difficulty walking places I used to run and it appears to be worsening.  I’m currently being investigated for a possible heart problem and am becoming concerned that imatininib may be worsening the condition.  Are there any evidence and research documents available on any possible drug interaction on the condition?

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    You will see that the CML forum is rather quiet and this will be due to the lower numbers having the condition but lets look for someone to pick up on your post.

    We also have Caroline, our Macmillan Heamatology Nurse volunteer who you can post questions about all things Leukaemia - just follow this link and post away - it may take a few days for her to get back to you.

    From my long treatment journey I have had a few occasions where treatment has had an effect on my heart but all turned out ok in the end.

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