Chronic myeloid leukaemia

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Im a parent of an adult child with cml Are there any other Mums out there in the same situation?

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Hello. Im Mum to an adult daughter with CML. I wondered if there is anyone out there in a similar situation? 

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Hi - yes after a nightmare of a journey my 19 year old son was diagnosed with CML last week. As parents we are still stunned, upset and obviously worried. How is your daughter coping and how are you coping as a family?  I find it hard because my son is a teenager and this disease seems to effect older people so I'm finding it hard to find info aimed specifically for teenagers.

He has his first appointment at our local hospitals haematology department on Wednesday - it's all so new to us and scary. My son in himself is taking it in his stride but I'm not sure if that's not to worry us. He is on intanamib (I know I've spelt that wrong) but I'm currently typing this on an iPad under the duvet so as not too wake my husband at 6am so unable to check spelling of drug!! Our son seems to be coping with this but is really tired. That said his body went through a lot last week after being admitted with a white blood cell count of 500 to the Christie's in Manchester.

As parents we feel a bit lost and worried as to what lies ahead for our son so any info on encouraging and helping him out would be appreciated.