Pustules - help

First cycle chemo tchp, now pustules found terribly all over my face and scalp and other places! Anyone having the same problem? Apparently this happens to 50% of those undergoing treatment. How can I help it along...the breakouts are so baaaad, I feel hideous and its getting me down being painful. Thank you

C x

  • Yeah sorry I got these too, they’re horrid aren’t they? I got them all over my face and scalp primarily. Very little helped. I got hydrocortisone cream from the pharmacist and I used moo goo only on my face, my usual creams seemed to make it worse. They did help but didn’t eradicate. On top of all the other chemo bits and bobs these really got me down, but!! They did go down towards the end of the cycle and they did disappear after I finished chemo xx

  • Hey Anna. 

    Thank u for your response...I am just glad someone understands!! I try to avoid mirror now. Yup on top of the other SEs too!! I am trying rubbing aloe vera over it, seems to soothe it. So sorry u had it too but thank goodness they won't stay and hopefully won't scar!!