Counting down now 3 chemos left ..4 ec done .now on pax.( cant spell it lol )..feeling much more positive felt yucky yes but still managing to work as a hairdresser...and me with no hair..lump was 4cm cant even feel it now .more annoying side effects watery eyes ..food taste horrid eating loads to see what I fancy .need to no where toilets are for shopping ....to think I was bag of nerves  when diagnosed .  ×××

  • Hi, can I ask how soon after you started your chemo did your hair fall out?  I am day 9 after 1st chemo, did use cold cap and know it doesn't always work, but was wondering if I was to lose my hair, when would it start.

    Well done for still managing to work, you must be doing amazing x

  • 3 days after 2 chemo fell out and gone within the week ....I was told it comes out quickly but I didn't realise how quick. Had a 3 day meltdown then pulled my big girls pants on and embraced it..I didn't have cold cap but ladies at chemo have there hair has thinned but  most of them  doing well at keeping it×

  • How fantastic that you are nearing the end of your chemo and that you can’t feel the lump! It’s amazing how we find the strength to get through this. Watery eyes are the worst, I have just tried false eyelashes for the first time and they seem to stop my eyes watering, so I’m very happy with this unexpected nice side effect. 
    keep powering through, chemo will soon be done Thumbsup