Bad news following lumpectomies

Just had my post op consult after surgery 15 days ago. Left side, which had invasive breast cancer was successfully treated and reconstructed. The lymph nodes were clear. But the right side, which had DCIS and LCIS had so many areas of tiny invasive breast cancers, they basically just took samples and closed me up again. All of the samples have come back positive for invasive cancer - the whole breast is riddled with it. So far the lymph nodes appear clear but he wants to biopsy them to be sure. I now need a mastectomy on that side, and they’re concerned reconstruction might not be suitable for me - there’s even cancer in the nipple area. None of thus showed up in scans sadly. 

they want me to meet with the plastic surgeon to discuss my options but I’m being recommended to consider later reconstruction due to my poor general health at the moment. I have lung issues, gallstones and gynae issues so need a hysterectomy in the near future too. And I did badly with my recent anaesthetic. 

  • Oh sorry to hear this.  You must be feeling Worn dish as you psyched yourself up for moving on to next stage of treatment xx

    Nov 2020 - 5 year NEDDY (no evidence of disease)
  • Hello Anabrock

    I am so sorry to hear that you have had this bad news. On the positive side, they are wanting to treat you surgically to get rid of the gremlins. There is a recent post from a lady who has just had surgery with local anaesthetic. Sorry I do not recall who it was but it was within the last week or so. She had health issues which made a general anaesthetic a bad idea for her. She was worried beforehand but said that she got on fine. 

    I think re the reconstruction, you need to take account of what the surgeons advise you. I hope that you do not have long to wait.

    Let us know how things go for you.

    Sending you a big hug.


  • Hi Anabrock. I go for my post surgery results on 19th. It all seems such an emotional rollercoaster. I like to think that when you know what you're dealing with it becomes easier, but actually the emotional toll is so great. It's almost a shame they didn't do a mastectomy for you there and then, though that might not of been possible without speaking to you first.  

    I hope that you're finding the different consultants are working together to treat you in an agreed best course of action. Sending you a humongous sized hug. I hope you find this forum helpful.  It makes me feel not so alone as we all walk this unplanned path. XXXXX

  • hope you have better luck than me.

  • Hi so sorry to hear that you are having to go through more uncertainty. I went to see the plastic surgeon yesterday and it’s worth having a chat to them as they can make you feel better. If you then decide to wait you have all the options and can make an informed decision. I find things get thrown at you and it can get overwhelming. So all you can do is take it a step at a time. Good look with everything.