HER2 positive

Hi just wondering if anyone else on here has been diagnosed with being HER2 positive and how has treatment been or gone for you ? I’m slightly nervous that I have just been told that I am one of the few that are this . I have been diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer with some  lymph node involvement .

  • Hi Claude272

    I did not get to see any pictures. I did have chemo first and they told me the sizes [length, height and breadth] showing up on first MRI. After each of the other MRIs, I phoned the specialist BC nurse and asked for the dimensions. All got smaller and my son calculated the reduction in volume for me each time. After the 5th chemo the 'lump' which had been big, 52mm, at the outset had decreased in volume by over 97%. That gave me a great boost to go for the 6th and last chemo. The tissues removed at surgery had no viable cancer left, so a complete clearance from chemo alone.

    Since then, RT, bisphosphenate, letrozole and now maintenance with herceptin and pertuzumab every three weeks, as HER2+ and they know from the sample of nodes that 2/6 had been cancerous before. With all these treatments to try to stop it coming back I am hopeful that we have beaten the gremlin. 

    I hope you get shrinking and clearance too.

    Big hugs to you.

    All the best


  • Lovely to hear your progress is amazing! I am pleased for you. What a lovely son you have to show such concern about you!

    Had my Onco appointment today, felt better assured. Somehow it seems surreal till I pinch myself! Getting Mri next Tuesday for baseline and hopefully a port inserted. Wish me luck over the next two weeks I think it will all go very fast! I am also doing chemo first.

    Have you any advise for Chemo? 

    C x

  • Hi how long did you wait for your oncologist appt, I understand different areas maybe different. I have had my surgery first xxx

  • Two weeks from biopsy for onco appointment. 

    How was surgery for you? I was two minds initially but guess it's chemo first now. 

    Are u doing chemo/radiotherapy now? How you getting used to post surgery?

    Would love to hear your experiences Shaz

    C x

  • Hi had my surgery first, theraputic mammoplasty with reduction on other side. My tumour was completely removed, lymph nodes removed was clear but had more dcis which didn't show on scans. I healed really well. I rested completely after surgery and did my exercises as advised. Because her2 positive I have been referred to oncologist for chemotherapy and herceptin. After chemo is finished I am going to have a masectomy with immediate reconstruction for removal of pre cancerous cells.  Mine was 20mm grade 2 er 8/8. What is your journey so far. xxx

  • Had my picc line in today , reality ht Grimacing

  • Had my picc line in today and treatment starts on Monday xx

  • Thank you for reply and advice for the cold cap xx

  • Thank you , I can handle the hair but for some reason the idea of my eyebrows going weirds me out Joy

  • I have grade 2 invasive as has spread to small amount of lymph nodes but they are not swollen or sticking to muscle so that’s a positive and I’m going to be having Neoadjuvant chemo , at first I was very sceptical as I thought this may cause cells to spread and that I wouldn’t get through it , and I was already worrying that the cancer wouldn’t be able to be treated and had gone to far advanced ( mind works overtime )