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  • Get your doctor to prescribe zero base for you. 

  • Just want to thank you Exray Girl - your working experience is such a benefit to those of us about to start our radiotherapy.


  • I've asked this is a separate thread, but just wondering... Do you have to self isolate during Radiotherapy? Thanks

  • I’ve been told to avoid unnecessary crowds and maintain social distancing , hand washing and mask everywhere if not at home . I’m in Edinburgh , but imagine same advice wherever you are.

    I am a Sexual Health Nurse so have been Working from home doing virtual consults and phone clinics, which has helped reduce exposure.

    have my first Radiology /Oncology appt on 281021 -had WLE and SNL sampling 210921, and a blessed nodes were all Neg. started Tamoxifen this week -keen to get radiotherapy behind me to get back to very short staffed NHS !! 


  • You are all very welcome.

    I know how daunting it can be so I’m always happy to help if I can

    Take care everyone x

  • I’m about to start RT on the 8th November . Love in central London so wil not be able to drive . They know I will be using the train to get on every day and have not raised it as an issue . That in itself is not self isolating so I can only imagine that being careful as you can I the answer .

    Hope that helps ?


  • I have not been told to self isolate as this does not impact the immune system, as far as I understand 

  • Radiotherapy only effects the immune system if large quantities of bone marrow are irradiated as in total body irradiation in advance of a bone marrow transplant.

    You wont need to self isolate but I would follow the advice of wee susie in avoiding crowds , hand washing and mask wearing 

  • That sounds brilliant. Thank you everyone for your responses.  I'm super careful all the time at the moment, but like to get out for daily walks for my mental health as well as the physical exercise. I'm hoping the hospital don't want me to isolate. The reason it occurred to me was that I had to have a swab test and self isolate before the planning CT scan at the Radiotherapy clinic. Fingers crossed that's not repeated for the Radiotherapy appointments. 

  • I just had to do a covid test at home and take it to my first treatment appointment for it to be processed by pathology