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  • Anyone else starting Radiotherapy this month (Sept) ? x

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  • Hi , I am hoping to,  off to Barts Monday. Appointments messed up one letter said come in person, second letter said it’s a telephone appointment. Not heard back So going to go and  find out about initial appointment as it’s been 8 weeks since wire excision dcis. Think it’s over 5 days bit nervous as no idea what’s going on but keep telling myself this can’t be any worse.  Can it? Not really fit so not sure about holding my breathe etc. Trying to not over think it but not looking forward to it.

  • I’ve got my planning meeting on Monday. I’m having the 5 day course and partial breast. Am feeling a bit nervous I must admit x

  • My planning session is 13th and I am also having 5 days full and 5 days targeted 

  • Technically started Fri 27 Aug so am 6 down and 9 to go. Bit tired but thats cos they often don’t run to time. Longest wait 2hours! No side effects yet other than boob feels heavy! X

  • Fingers crossed for the rest of your treatment x

  • It’s awful when things don’t go to plan. I had that confusion with my results. We could all do without the added stress. Hope it gets sorted for you x

  • Hi my planning scan is this Monday then starting 1 week of whole breast radio on the 22nd September following with 1 week of bolus radio to area tumour was in. Been through chemo first then surgery. Also starting TDM1 treatment (kadcyla) I think it’s called which is herceptin and kinder chemo if I can explain it like that 

  • Just had my first 2 days, 3 to go.  I’m not usually a very emotional person but I did start to feel a little sorry for myself before my first one.  Today my boob feels really heavy and throbs a bit and the skin is just a little pink.  I’m sort of relieved that I have the weekend off tbh. I was given Flamigel to use twice daily, I hope it helps.  I have an expander in and I’ve heard mixed reports of how they can respond to radiotherapy.  If anyone else has/had one in I’d love to hear how you got on.

    Good luck x

  • I asked the nurses as my boob felt a bit heavy and wondered if this was normal. Apparently so. No other side effects yet but plenty of time as still 9 to go. Just rubbing E45 in a lot x