Anastrozole Arthritis Pain

I have started on Anastrozole tablets and they are really ramping up my arthritis pain. Does anyone else have this ?
Best xx

  • Hi, I don't take Anastrozole but have tried Letrozole and now Exemestane and both have made my osteoarthritis much worse. You might find this article of interest  

    How to Ease Aromatase Inhibitor-Related Pain
    Ashish Khanna, M.D 

    But there are no magic solutions. You could try Letrozole and/or exemestane they might be easier for you, although as I said my overall arthritis stiffness is much worse than before cancer. I most days do 25 mins of cardiac and 30 mins of walking each day and it probably helps but I long for the days when I could put my shoes on and enjoy a couple of miles stroll. I had (still have some) neuropathy from chemo on the soles of my feet so this is an added complication. 

    Good luck and if you find anything that helps please let me know.


  • Hello, omg the bone pain is ridiculous, i suffer with arthritus in both knees, ive now started with hip and finger pain.. x