EC Chemotherapy hair loss

I start 3 cycles of EC chemotherapy the week after next and just wondered how soon others on this chemo lost their hair, this is to be followed by 3 cycles of Docetaxel with antibody therapy.

  • I started losing my hair about 3 weeks after 1st EC cycle (think it was day before next cycle). I had cut my hair off and donated to a wig charity ahead of chemo and then shaved the rest, which felt pretty good! Something I felt in control of. I'm 6 months post-chemo and have a thick head of hay. It grows back slowly at first but then suddenly takes off between month 3 and 4 and then suddenly it's growing normally again.

  • Thank you for your response, I’m also planning to shave mine off as I can’t face watching it fall out in clumps, I’m just worried how my colleagues at work who don’t know what I’m going through will react when I return with a shaved head.

  • Hi just had my 2nd 3 weekly EC I have been cold capping with treatment and I have just started shedding hair about 20 hours everyone I brush.  Had my hair cut shorter into a bob before I began chemo. Hoping not to totally lose all my hair but have a wig ready for functions if I do.  My local hospital gave me a voucher £100 towards it. I start 12 weekly paclitaxel next and that says you will lose all your hair so only time will tell.  Good luck but good to know it grows back quickly  xx

    1. Hi catndog I hope your keeping well, I had my first dose of EC on the 23rd of December and due 2nd one-one the 13th January.  Today my head is very tender and I know its the start of hair loss. Im having same treatment as you..  how did you did Docetaxel compared with EC, Did you have side effects before hair loss and did it take long for it to fall out. How are you doing now ? Is your treatment all
  • I found the Docetaxel much worse than EC, but then again I had no side effects from the EC at all, but everyone reacts differently. I shaved my hair off once it started to fall out just before my second cycle as I couldn’t handle finding it everywhere. I’m currently 2 weeks most mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction so I’m getting there slowly. I still have 9 months of Herceptin to complete now my pathology results are back.

  • I had week 10 of 12 weekly Paclitaxel with Carboplstin every 3rd week (today). Then I will have 3 EC over 9 weeks. I’m wearing a Paxman scalp cooling cap. I have lost about 30% of my hair on top but can wear a hair and and totally disguise it. Concerned it’ll go during EC but will persevere with cold cap in a bid to aid regrowth.