Post op pain


4 weeks post mastectomy, having strong pain at mastectomy site when getting up in the morning. Usually wears off after 10 minutes. 

Has anyone else experienced this?


  • I am 3 weeks post reduction and lift after lumpectomy (they needed to take 700g) I am having increasing levels of pain this last week when the first two were a breeze. I put it down to growing blood and lymph vessels and nerves growing too. There are some big lumps of bruising or seroma to get rid of too as well as some reduction in swelling.
    I have no idea why it's starting to hurt more now tbh, or why it would for your area either. I did read somewhere you can get phantom pains where the breast has been removed. But if it's just at the site it probably isn't that.
    Sorry to be of no use, but wanted you to have some response :)