Swollen lymph node after axillary biopsy

I had a axillary lyph node biopsy last week after being seen for a breast lump, discharge and pain.

at my scan they found lymph nodes they weren’t happy with, 1cm, lost it’s fatty surround and surrounding have thickened core? 5cm.

I get my results next week, anyway today in the shower I was cleaning my armpits and found another lump, this is about 2 cm, no pain, and not where the bruising is….. is this normal after my procedure? I can’t get hold of my consultant for love nor money and found out today they forgot to pass my paperwork across for my appointment next week for results… do I wait till next week or do I call and ask them to check this again…. As you can imagine I’m now getting pretty scared - especially as another family member has just been diagnosed with cancer although bowel cancer. 

please advise if you have been here 

  • Hi

    I didn't have lymph node involvement, so can't help with your query.  However, in case anyone's around at this time, I'm bumping your post back to the first page.  

    In the meantime, I would ring and ensure that you are on the list for your results appointment.  The waiting is by far the worst and even knowing what date your follow up for results is, then that will ease your worry a tiny bit.

    Try to be as positive as you can be - outcomes from breast cancer and the treatments offered now have developed so much over the years.  Once upon a time when we heard the words 'you have cancer' we would have thought 'that's it' . Nowadays the survival rates and outcomes for breast cancer is markedly different.  

    Kindest wishes, Lesley

  • Thank you. I had a drs appointment today (routine smear) I asked her to have a quick feel. She confirmed it is a lmph node and to get them to check it at my appointment next week. One of the nurses kindly got my appointment booked for me. 
    I am okay Most if the time as I know there is still a chance they will say no it’s fine but more lumps appearing spooked me .

    thank you for your kinds words xxx