Here's a new thread for chemo discussions this June, as the existing threads were getting a little long. 

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  • Hi X-ray, I think it's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed at times. Remember you are not alone. As Ruby says worrying about things that might not happen is a waste of precious energy. Easier said than done I know!! 

    Try one of the relaxation techniques or just watch something you enjoy on TV, and if you can manage go and get some fresh air. We have to trust there are better days ahead....

    Lynne xx

  • Congratulations Jane. I feel like celebrating for you. We will all get there and we need to feel super proud of ourselves. Can I ask about the radiotherapy? I would like to take a break before I start mine. Did you talk about the timings with your team? Xx

  • Keep going Ruby. We can do this. I feel a lot better today. I’m on day 10, although taste is still not back to normal but I definitely have more energy. Rash is improving with HC cream. I find I lose a stone on my bad days but put it all back on when I feel better. Oh to have some consistency!  Sending hugs xx

  • Thank you. All done now - super quick today! They are giving me at least a month off to recover.

    Have a lovely weekend Slight smile.

  • Well done and you have a great weekend too xx

  • Gosh, yes, do I have days when I feel overwhelmed. Try to distract...jigsaw, paint by numbers, knitting, TV, read, nap, sit outside for 5 minutes anything even if only can manage 5 mins...write how you are feeling in a journal...you can have a really good moan. But hang on in there because better days come. Take care

  • Morning everyone 

    im delighted to say that I managed to inject myself this morning so that’s good! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so that’s another thing ticked off the list.

    I feel a bit more positive today - only mild SE currently but am still only Day 4 but my head seems in a better place at least for now. 

    thank you for your support - I never thought I’d be a Forum girl - but knowing I not alone has really helped me.

    Wishing you all a lovely weekend - I won’t be out in the sun - being a redhead it’s already a big no no now complicated by chemo See no evilFace palmJoy

    X-Ray xxx

  • Well done x-ray!! I let the district nurse do mine lol

    I know what you mean about not being a forum girl but the advice, tips and support on here has been invaluable. I guess that cancer diagnosis changes a lot about how we think and deal with things.

    Glad to hear the SE are manageable...I'm dosing myself up with paracetamol and will likely be spending the day with a heat pad rather than the sun Sunglasses

    Lynne xx

  • Fantastic  it’s a great feeling finishing chemo. Now enjoy knowing it’s the last time you’ll have SE and that makes it more bearable somehow.
    Hoping SE are kind to you for this last cycle and to everyone else whose just had chemo recentlyPray tone2

    great ideas for distraction, I did every one of them at some point Joy

    I’m now 3weeks plus 3 days past my last Docetaxel and feel human again. Managed two walks of over 10,000 steps in last few days and enjoyed a crisp, chilled glass of white wine last night and I could taste it! It was heaven Champagne glassRelaxed

    So for everyone still in the midst of chemo you are amazing and you will soon be where I am…day at a time! 
    denise x

    Wishing you all peace and calm in the storm...with a helping of laughter and joy to bring healing Heart

  • That's so good to hear Denise!! 10000 steps a walk is really good going, well done!!!!

    Lynne xx