Scan Results

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 25th March following a mammogram.  Two tumors in right breast measuring 9cm and 4cm. Before treatment starts I had a CT scan and a bone scan to check if it had spread.

I am very relieved to be told today that these scans are clear. The relief is palpable. Feel like a big weight has gone even though I still have breast cancer. Now on the short list for a mastectomy and follow up radiation treatment. 

Battle not over but I am a fighter and will get through this. Hang on in there ladies. It can be beaten. 

Best wishes 

  • Isn't it a great feeling, to know scans are clear. I know I felt relieved it was “only breast cancer” words that I never thought I would say.  Good luck for the rest of your treatment.

  • Waiting for results is the absolute worst part, and I found waiting for the results of that final CT scan before treatment plan the worst 2 weeks of my life! Far harder waiting for that than the confirmation that I had cancer after the biopsy. You will be feeling far better now you have a treatment plan and can get on with getting better. I had to have chemo, then operation and radiotherapy and I'm just out the other side (I was diagnosed in August). Feels great to have my life back!