Waiting for post surgery results

I had my lumpectomy and sentinel node removal 23 April. There is a 17 day gap till I find out:

do I need more breast surgery? lump was estimated at 9mm

if I don't need more breast surgery does that mean no further lymph node surgery either?

what is the lymph node situation if sentinel nodes were positive? 

With the help of my friends I have remained fairly stable emotionally, but am starting to get nervous about the results appointment 10 May. How have other people dealt with these difficult waits? I don't want to dwell on something that might not happen, eg further surgery, but want to keep a sense of perspective and not be blindly optimistic that it will all be good news.

I am doing a fair amount of distraction eg stuff in the garden, but it all feels a bit surreal. I know what is happening but it does not feel like it is happening to me. I am scared about how I may feel when it really hits me.  I have had depression for over 30 years and was pretty stable on medication till I got the mammogram recall and this all started. Thanks for listening

  • Hi Mondaymobster

    your story is familiar. I also have had depression for many years (finally diagnosed as bipolar) but stable with meds. Now I am going to have a mastectomy on 14th May. It feels surreal, as though it cannot be true. I will wake up soon. I am not scared now I know what will happen but that might change when I have to wait those two weeks after surgery to get the final results. Good luck with yours.

  • Thanks for your quick response. It is heartening to know that you too feel you will 'wake up soon". Knowing what will happen next seems to help with fear, but getting that point involves periods of uncertainty. Good luck with your surgery which is more radical than mine was. 

  • Everyone on here says the waiting is the hardest and they are not wrong! It all must come to an end eventually. I will think of a treat to celebrate. Any ideas?

  • Hi both, I completely agree the waiting is the hardest, I suffer with anxiety m, so always think the worst. I’ve recently had a mastectomy with reconstruction and now waiting for the results of the lymph nodes. I’m still not sure it has hit me what is actually happening. A friend of mine has cancer treatment last year and when I talked to her about the waiting time, she told me it is hard but to remind myself that I cannot change what is happening so I just need to live each day. At first I thought this was impossible but then it helped me to realise that I didn’t have control over it, so instead I took control over what I could control, things like changing my products so I use less toxins, use a dry skin brush to get rid of toxins on the skin. It just helped me to feel more in control.

  • That’s good yes, whatever gets us through.

  • treat ideas? depends what you like really, but ideas to play with could be a facial, manicure, your favourite perfume largest size they do .... Let us know what you decide on, could inspire the rest of us Slight smile