Having a crappie couple of days, all I want to do is cry and anxiety is going through the roof, even though I have people around me but still feel alone only so long you can put a brave face on.:’( xx

  • Hi. I'm feeling exactly the same.  I can also feel and hear myself snapping at my husband and the poor lad has done nothing wrong. I think the anxiousness though is understandable. It's a massive thing we are going through. 

    I find it best to let the tears out, I had a couple of big ugly crys over the weekend and I did feel a bit better  Zone out if you can . Sounds daft but I'm finding the colouring in books are really helping, just helps my mind to switch off. 

    Not sure what part of the process you are up to but I have surgery next Wednesday. Hoping once that's done and I then know what pain etc I'm dealing with, I will be able to make more sense of things and be able to tackle things better. 

  • Might have a go at the books it will help when I’m on my own, I had a lumpectomy last week so not going that far and lockdown not helping, I’m going back to the hospital not week for the results on my surgery which is making me worse I’m scared it’s going to be worse then it is and I know I shouldn’t be thinking about that I can’t control it, just waiting for radiotherapy after that, hope your ok? Xx

  • I'm a few weeks behind you. My lumpectomy is on Wednesday. But I still think it's the what's if and that's that effects us the most. I'm like a coiled spring. My dad wanted to come round to borrow a spade today and I felt like a stranger was coming to the house. Mental health is a big factor in this illness. Fingers and toes crossed your next consultation is good news. My husband has booked us a cottage for when I should be physically feeling better, gives me something nice to focus on. 

  • That’s nice it will be just want you need, not jealous lol, are you worried about the surgery? Don’t worry about it to much it will be ok next day is not as bad as what you will be imagining just be prepared for the blue boob and wee if your having the dye Scream

  • Ha. I've had a really crappy year so far so blue dye is going to happen. I've told my friends and family and in their true supportive way, they have asked for pictures for when I turn into a smurf. LoL. 

    I am sure once you get the news you want you will start to feel a lot better. Baby steps till then. New PJs and wine is normally a win. Take care xx