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  • Enjoying my weekend off after finishing first week of treatment.  Good to have a break from a lot of travelling.

    Slapping on the Aloe Vera gel and skin all fine so far.  


  • I'm starting tomorrow for 2 weeks. I've started with aveeno cream already and have stopped using bio oil until I'm through treatment as advised.

    I've had chemo so hoping this will be fine as I'm still working every day before rads. 

  • I’m starting on Wednesday.5 sessions whole breast and then 5 sessions as a boost. I too have started using aveeno and hoping side effects are not too bad. Good luck x

  • I'm the same, 5 days whole breast then 5 days boost. Really pleased it's a compressed timescale, hoping it's not so tiring.

    Good luck too! 

  • Hello  and .  Good luck starting rads this week.  I’ve still got two weeks to go, so we’ll all finish about the same time.  I’m sure you’ll be fine.  It’s a doddle compared to chemo.  My sessions are quite long as I’m having treatment to chest wall. neck, arm pit nodes and nodes behind the breast bone.  I have noticed some tiredness over the weekend but I think some of it is the travelling each day, as I live a long way from the hospital.  But still managing part time work from home. 


  • Hi  Glad your 1st week went well. Mine was good too - more of an inconvenience than anything, taking so much time out of the day with the long distance to travel. Although obviously very grateful for the treatment. 
     &  good luck & you will soon be through this. I have done a week like  & no effects other than a little tiredness from a long drive each day & trying to fit some work & everything else into the remaining time. Using whatever cream is recommended or given to you & drinking lots of water are the key things. Good luck 

  • Thanks for your wishes. 

    Im stressing about starting mid week rather than a consecutive five days. I’ll try and find out what the impact will be. 

    When was the best time to put cream in, some of my sessions are late afternoon and I know there should not be any products on skin prior to treatment. 

    Good luck with your second week x

  • I wouldn't worry about starting mid-week, they know what they ae doing. I am using Aveeno cream and when I went for my radiotherapy planning session, they said I could use that any time so I have been using it morning and evening since Friday. I specifically asked if I should wash the cream off beforehand and was told no need. You may have been told differently though. I also checked on bio oil as I have been using that for scars, and they said to stop using that and not start up again until 4 weeks after rads

  • Thanks, I have stopped my bio oil too, but was told not to use any cream at all.. hospital policy does not advice on cream..so I’ve been using aveeno in the green bottle, but might get the blue bottle for very dry skin if it gets really sore.