Oncotype DX test results - grey area

HI, my Oncotype DX test results have come back at 22 which is the grey area as I’m aged 40. I have to make a decision as to whether to opt for chemotherapy. I have two young children, one in primary school and the other in nursery. 
I had a lumpectomy, the tumor was 16mm ER positive, HER2 neg and no lymph nodes were effected. 
Has anyone else had to make a similar decision? Was there anything that helped you decide? 
I went to my oncologist thinking I would do everything I could to beat this and would opt for chemo, but now, considering the side effects it’s not so straightforward. The oncologist said if this was at the beginning of the COVID pandemic he would not be advising chemo, and if i suffer from severe side effects then he would pull the plug on the chemo. Feeing really unsure. 

  • Hi thanks for your message and sharing - it’s really helpful to hear others journeys. It was a 2% benefit of chemo and although my oncologist didn’t directly say he didn’t think it was a good decision to have it- reading between the lines - he was hinting. 

    He seemed to dismiss  the oncotype results because it didn’t give a definite answer. 

    speaking to my BC nurse yesterday really helped - she made me consider the physiological effects of the decision I make. If I opt not to have chemo am I able to accept my decision and not keep thinking what if. I was worried I would be taking the ‘easy option’ by not having chemo - as it means I will be back to ‘normal’ so much sooner. Of course there is no easy option ... all of this is difficult. 

    good luck with starting radiotherapy I hope it all went welL yesterday 

  • Hi  thanks for sharing your journey it sounds very similar to mine. Was

    chemo strongly recommended for you? My oncologist was unable To say either way but because chemo would only offer a 2% benefit, he hinted that he was against me having chemo. 
    Good luck With the rest of your journey x

  • Hello my oncologist was all for me having it but I wasn’t.  Your Oncologist knows best I’m sure I guess you could ask them to refer you to a colleague another Oncologist to discuss.  2 percent chance sounds small when compared to dealing with chemo side effects but if you do it then you know you have thrown everything at it for example if it ever returned which hopefully it won’t.  It’s difficult isn’t it.........I would ask for a telephone appt with another Oncologist which your Oncologist should be happy and able to organise.  Also calling Macmillan or Breast Cancer Care and asking for a qualified nurse to phone you back.  It is a difficult decision many say chemo is the worst but like others have said and was also said to me this time next year it will be a memory.  Sorry you have this decision to make x x 

  • Just to say that there can be positive nodes and no vascular invasion (it's in the blood not lymph fluid) but often there is both. I had 1 positive node out of all my ancillary nodes but LVI. I also know of other women who are the same.

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  • Well that posting  went wrong!

    I was in the grey area like you- score of 21, premenopausal aged 49. I had a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy (15 sessions). My oncologist recommended Goserelin implants for 5 years and Letrozole rather than chemo as he believed any benefit derived from chemo would be down to the fact I would become menopausal rather than the chemo itself.