Implant Discomfort 1yr on - Fat Injections?

I had a right mastectomy with immediate implant then radiotherapy.  It all still feels tight and umcomfortable.  Quite sore around the upper edges.  Surgeon wants to take some fat from stomach and inject into margins around edge of implant.  Now I'm not sure I want to go ahead with it.  Feel the other breast will look even more saggy plus don't even know if it's going to be worth going under general anaesthetic again just to have a tiny amount of fat injected in.  Has anyone else had this or other "tweaks" after implants please?  Want to know what the op is like, what the recovery time is etc.  It will be a few months before he can do the op anyway.  (Wish I had gone ahead and had both done now!).  Could do with some advice!

  • Hi

    Not had this done but my surgeon wasnt keen on the procedure, he said a lot of the fat transfer can be absorbed back into the body. I had rippling on my implant and grew to loath it , I ended up having it removed and a Diep flap instead. This has been a real success for me, but it is a big op and with everything Covid at present I think the waiting lists are now very long (unless you have it done as an immediate reconstruction)

    When I had my op they found that the implant had actually rotated (it was over the muscle in a sling thing) and this was the reason I was uncomfortable) so I would probably have had to have it removed anyway.

    Jo x

  • Thank you so much for your reply Jo.  No wonder you were uncomfortable.  I have a sort of "ridge" around the top edge which feel sore to the touch but its all really hard and I can't lie on my side - well I can, but it's very uncomfortable when I sit up!  I've spoken with a breast nurse but she doesn't have any experience with the fat injections - sent me a leaflet but not much more info, apart from the fact I would not be able to exercise for several weeks after and would have to wear a support across the abdomen where they take the fat from.  I'm not sure it's worth it just to fill a fairly small ridge that can only be seen and felt by me!  Need to do more research I think!  Thanks again and all the best! x

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