After lumpectomy

Hi I had a lumpectomy in November and radio and that side  to me at least is significantly different in size to good boob. 
I’ve been ok over winter shrouded in layers but had a moment dog walking last week in the sun and felt very uncomfortable. 
Other than just getting my head in the game, any ideas on managing this? 
thanks x

  • Hi Mumma Wills welcome to the forum. Im sorry to hear what has happened to you I take it they had to take a fair amount of your breast to get clear margins during the Lumpectomy? 

    Maybe it might be worth making an appointment with the GP and having chat with them as they could maybe refer you to the Surgeons with a view to doing a bit of reconstruction for you? They may not be up for this but always worth asking and it does sound like it is affecting you  and causing a degree of anxiety so they need to know how you are feeling about it.

  • Is it really noticeable or are you just self conscious?  I have one bigger than the other but never give it a second thought as I think over the years I've dressed to disguise. I never wear plain colour tops unless black or very dark.  I wear patterns which i never notice unevenness in.  I don't think I realised I was doing this until I was looking at pictures of me in potential mother of the bride outfits and the silver grey dress & jacket I liked showed off my unevenness.  Strangely others I showed to only noticed when I pointed out - they all just said outfit too plain on me . 

    You can see lopsidedness as I am standing up straight.  

    May get someone to take pictures of you in different tops to  see how noticeable it is.  I wear fitted pattern tops but also a Dan of loose blouses too !!  

    Nov 2020 - 5 year NEDDY (no evidence of disease)
  • Thank you, I've avoided the GP due to Covid pressures but will think about calling for a chat. 

  • Thank you, good point re self consciousness. I deliberately put on a plain white top today to see how I feel with family.  Your jacket looks very smart! I see what you mean about the lopsidedness but I had to focus in!  I suspect that I have not allowed enough time for my brain to catch up.